Organic design art at its best - check out the Portobello pendant lights from Loom Design!

31 July 2023
Organic design art at its best - check out the Portobello pendant lights from Loom Design!
Drawing on the beauty we find in nature, the lighting masters from Danish Loom Design have created a true work of art in interior design. Every single part of the beautiful Portobello Pendant and every single decision made during the design process is consistent with the overall design concept, resulting in a highly successful and accomplished whole that will delight any design lover's home.

Mushroom-inspired lights are an old hand in Danish design. The concept can be found in series such as the Mush Table Lamps from Hübsch or the Mushroom series from Cozy Living. In this new take on the familiar design concept, the pendant has an extra wide shape that skillfully imitates the wide hat of the portobello mushroom. The appetizing design concept is reflected in the lamp's unified form, its pure white shade and beautifully detailed surface structure. The lamp shade is constructed from a metal frame with beautifully rounded struts that give the lamp its distinctive shape. The metal shell has then been covered in white textile, which together form a beautiful, multi-part structure. The fabric has an irregular surface with beautiful but subtle patterns that beautifully complement the more stringent lines of the lamp's design.

When the lamp is turned on, the entire structure is illuminated in a soft, ethereal glow that spreads in harmonious all-round lighting. The lamp's built-in LED light sources shine both through the shade and through a light outlet at the bottom of the pendant for a practical downlight. The lamp also has a built-in dimming function that can be accessed via an external TRIAC dimmer, so you can get the most out of your new, beautiful Portobello Pendant.

You can view the Portobello pendant in two different sizes here and choose the one that best suits your interior design.