The Dyberg Larsen PineApple lamp was originally designed by Frank Kerdil as a single pendant, but these days, the design is available in a wealth of sizes, materials, and types. The extensive collection includes a table lamp, floor lamp, and the classic pendant, and all the models come in a range of materials. Whether you want the classic in white, the more anonymous black, or perhaps copper, you can find it right here!

Invite the lovely PineApple inside, and marvel at its design that looks like a pineapple, a pine tree, a lotus flower, and a pine cone depending on who you ask. Get a PineApple lamp today!

PineApple Pendant

PineApple is Danish design tradition at its best. The entire collection is built around an almost invisible frame of polished acrylics, which is decorated with quadratic leaves in various materials. The exciting cone shape brings to mind pineapples and lotus flowers while the overlapping square leaves hide the light source. The overlapping lampshades create a diffuse and comfortable glow, and they provide body and density, giving the lamp a dense expression without making it seem heavy and dominating.
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