Stairway lighting

The important thing about stair lighting is that it lights up the staircase and the steps. It’s also essential to use a glare-free light source, which means that a lamp with a lampshade, diffusor, or indirect light is ideal. Staircase lighting isn’t just used to light up your steps but also to give your staircase an elegant and architectural expression indoors and out. You can use various light sources to illuminate your stairs, including pendants, ceiling lamps, and LED panels, all of which create a good stair light. Check out the value for money range of stair lights for your home and garden below.
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Lighting for stairs

When it comes to lighting up stairs, safety is the most important thing. The light source’s key task is to ensure an even distribution of light, so that the staircase and the individual steps are always visible, minimising the risk of accidents. Ceiling lamps are ideal for this purpose as they can be mounted at the top and bathe the staircase in a clear, uniform glow. LED panels are another good fit as they have a strong light ideal for illuminating staircases. You can also use glare-free wall lamps in the stairwell, as having lamps that are too bright can also lead to accidents. As most wall lamps have an indirect glow or a diffusor with a matte lampshade, they cast a comfortable, glare-free, diffuse light that illuminates the steps in a lovely, even way.

Recessed spots are also good for lighting up stairs as they can be mounted parallel to each step, highlighting the structure of the staircase and making it an aesthetic architectural element that serves as an extension of your décor. Mount them at ankle height to minimise glare while lighting up the steps, and you don’t have to worry about bumping into them as the built-in stops blend in with the wall or the staircase itself. If you want to go for recessed spots, make sure to check that you have the right outlets for the different spots.

If you choose a pendant for your stairs, your décor gets both a decorative design element and a functional light source that bathes your stairs in a lovely, clear glow. You can also place multiple pendants together for a more personal and unique touch and a broader light. You can further increase the safety and comfort for you and your guests by choosing a stair light with a sensor as the light turns on automatically when it detects movement, which can be an advantage if you can’t find the switch in the dark or you have your hands full. If you want a lamp with a sensor, however, make sure to choose one that goes to 100% brightness immediately, such as an LED light, so you can see the steps in front of you.

If you have some steps in the garden that are hard to navigate in the dark, you can light them up using wall lamps bedlamper or other lamps with an appropriate IP rating, and you can even choose lamps with a sensor. Pay attention to the lamp’s brightness as the light can seem a lot brighter in the dark, which might disturb and frustrate you and your guests – and in the worst case, it might cause the exact accidents that you’re trying to avoid by installing stair lighting.

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