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Normann is a Danish brand that seeks to challenge the current way of doing things and get something out of the process. The company’s mission is to design original and innovative products that are the image of simplicity and contemporaneity. Jan Andersen and Poul Madsen founded Normann Copenhagen in 1999 with an ambition to make a difference in the design industry. It all took off in 2002, when the founders launched the Norm 69 lamp. From 2002 to 2007, Normann Copenhagen released another 38 products and its partnerships were expanded to include established and up-and-coming talents.
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More about Normann Copenhagen lamps

In 2009, the company decided to expands its range to include furniture and to this day, Normann continues to develop and launch new and exciting products. Normann Copenhagen is, perhaps unsurprisingly, located in Copenhagen. The company’s main office is in an old cinema building on Østerbro, where it offers a 1,700 m2 showroom. This showroom gives customers the opportunity to combine an experience with inspiration for their interior design.

This showroom was established to further the mission of creating the most innovative and inspirational shop possible. As the company’s multiple awards showcase, Normann Copenhagen succeeded in this endeavour—the showroom is now used for everything from fashion shows to parties to art exhibitions.

If you’re interested in Danish design, Normann Copenhagen might just be the right fit for you. The company develops and manufactures all its own products—there’s nothing more Danish than that. It has partnerships with Danish and international designers to ensure that the range of materials used is extensive. That said, the vision has always been to design innovative and groundbreaking products. Part of the process that makes this achievable is the establishing of partnerships with designers between the ages of 27 and 90.

Normann is quite popular on the international stage and is sold in more than 80 countries. The brand has received more than 50 prizes for its designs and its style is characterised by soft, warm and matte colours that suit all homes. The company has a style of design that has loads to offer and its product range is a selection of different and unique lamps. Normann offers everything from table lamps to pendants to mounted lamps to floor lamps to, finally, modern pendant chandeliers, if that’s more your style.

Which Normann Copenhagen lamp should I choose?

The company’s modern take on a pendant chandelier is its Bau lamp. This unique product is easy to assemble, thanks to its geometric shape. The lamp is designed as a decorative, creative, and unique pendant. Bau works as a chandelier thanks to its slightly provocative look, available in two different versions: multi-coloured or natural. This lamp is perfect for the minimalist household, as it helps establish a dynamic expression as a statement piece.

Another unique pendant on offer through Normann Copenhagen is the Bell lamp. The Bell lamp is available in four different sizes to ensure that it works for all different homes. The well-thought-out details, simple shape and robust expression of the lamp make it lovely and unique. Its raw, industrial look makes it well-suited for practically all interior setups. The modern Bell lamp can be suspended over the dining table, in the kitchen or wherever you feel like hanging it up—the minimalist style makes it nice and easy to work with.

Normann Copenhagen’s pendant lamps are popular—particularly their glass pendants. The Amp product collection is available in different shapes, sizes, and colours, such as red, white, and gold. These lamps cast a comfortable light that works well regardless of their location in your household. The Amp collection is inspired by 1960s hi-fi equipment, resulting in a uniquely modern design that manages to inspire nostalgia. The lamps are designed using glass and marble, which makes for a soft and light product with a unique edge.

Aside from its beautiful pendant lamps, Normann Copenhagen offers a range of products suited for any and all tastes. Its Hello standing lamp is available in grey and white. Aside from its simple appearance, the lamp offers round shapes that help create an eye-catching contrast. Hello emits a comfortable light that helps add character to everything around it. If you’re on the lookout for a new standing lamp, Normann’s Hello just might be the lamp for you.

Normann has a range of exciting, unique and lovely lamps on offer to help you make the most of your interior design setup.
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