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Please Wait to be Seated is an innovative design brand that has made a name for itself by creating unique home accessories that not only catch the eye with their aesthetics, but also impress with their practicality. The brand's products exude a special attention to detail, craftsmanship and a commitment to creating furniture and accessories that are both aesthetic and functional. Nouveau Pin and MIMESIS Mirrors are among the most prominent examples of Please Wait to be Seated's extraordinary approach to design. These two products are not only individually impressive, but also represent the company's overall vision of creating cutting-edge and memorable home accessories.

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Nouveau Pin - Modern elegance for any room

Nouveau Pin is more than just an ordinary bulletin board; it's a unique, aesthetic and functional organizing tool that can be perfectly adapted to your needs and desires. With its versatility, you can easily divide your everyday life into different areas: school stuff in one area, work tasks in another and dates in a third. You can write down appointments, to-do lists, post flyers, write down phone numbers - whatever you need to organize your life. It also doubles as a mood board where you can hang photos, tickets, recipes or other fun things.

This bulletin board comes in three different sizes that can be combined to create a dynamic landscape for presentation, composition and decoration. It's simple in design, multifunctional yet flexible enough to meet your changing needs.

The materials, foam and textiles, are specially developed to provide sound insulation, meaning Nouveau Pin softens the acoustic signature of any room it is placed in. With a choice of colors and frames, you can even choose to leave the pinboard blank or combine the different colors and sizes together to create a unique and decorative design element in your home decor.

MIMESIS Mirrors - Form and function in perfect harmony

MIMESIS Mirrors is a mirror design created with a focus on both aesthetics and functionality. These mirrors differ from traditional designs by integrating a unique blend of materials and shapes that create visual interest. Each mirror in the series is designed with a combination of metal frames, wood details and mirrored glass that creates a beautiful contrast and adds dimension to any space, framing an asymmetrical image of its surroundings.

Whether the MIMESIS mirror is used as a decorative element in the hallway, a functional piece in the bathroom or as a central focal point in the living room, MIMESIS Mirrors add a unique and elegant touch to any home.

Overall, Nouveau Pin and MIMESIS Mirrors from Please Wait to be Seated are examples of innovative home accessories that combine aesthetics and functionality in a unique way. With their unique design and practicality, these products add character and style to any interior.
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