Design By Us is a unique design company that tries to make the world of design more fun one design at a time. Based in Copenhagen and comprised of team of innovative designers, Design By Us has managed to rethink the classical lamp design.

The most popular lamp design from Design By Us is the gorgeous and unique Ballroom lamp! Ballroom is a modern glass lamp that combines wonderful design with refined details and fantastic colours. This is a lamp that has been pampered every step of the way. The glass shade is mouth-blown and painted, so each and every lamp is unique.
Ballroom Floor Lamp Rose/Gold - Design By Us
RRP EUR 843.00
Expected in: 4 - 6 days
Ballroom Table Lamp Amber/Gold - Design By Us
RRP EUR 461.00
Expected in: 4 - 6 days
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More about Ballroom

Design By Us is a company on the move! With their furniture, lamps, mirrors and other interior accessories Design By Us has made already made a name for itself and is currently being offered significant design projects all around the world.

The company was established in the late 90s when CEO and creative manager Rasmus Larsson and some of his friends rented a couple of rooms where they could “Stand around and make some furniture”. It didn’t take long for innovators to notice the company and in almost no time at all, the team was hired to decorate Nimbus Film and Basecamp on Holmen. The Nimbus Film project earned them a design award from Hvidovre municipality and the company has experienced nothing but progress ever since.

Design By Us – Soulful and spirited lamps

The inspiration for their lamps came from old glass lamps Rasmus Larsson had seen on his travels around Europe. Amongst other things, Design By Us has manufactured a glass lamp where parts of old glass lamps have been melted together. Each lamp is unique to the client.

The success of Design By Us can be traced back to Ballroom, which has been a bestseller and is proudly displayed in homes all over Denmark, the Nordic region and the rest of the world.

The company has a lot of big projects in the works and has helped decorate more than 70 restaurants, cafés and hotels around the world. In between these large tasks, the company continues to develop new and funky designer lamps and furniture.
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