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If your lamp shade shattered or the foot for your table lamp is broken, we have the spare parts you need. Playing football indoors isn’t always the smartest idea… just take a deep breath because we’re here to help with our wide selection of replacement shades and accessories. Remember to take accurate measurements so you can get exactly the shade or spare part you need. Contact us if you have any questions – we’re here to help. You can find shades from Flos, Verpan and Le Klint among others, as well as designers, such as Arne Jacobsen, Philip Bro Ludvigsen, Louise Campbell, Kaare Klint, Vilhelm Wohlert, and Anu Moser.

Enjoy finding your new lamp shade.
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Lamp accessories

If you’re looking for extra accessories for your lamp to improve your lighting even more, you’ve come to the right place. This page is home to all the equipment you need to create more value for your lighting. If you need a dimmer to allow you to adjust the brightness to suit your mood and needs, you can find our range of dimmers here.

Our collection of accessories is home to a range of lampshades, including pleated lampshades and various cables, plugs, and mounts, which can help you give your lamp a unique expression and extra touch that makes it stand out in your décor. On this page, you’ll also find a lampshade stand, various wall brackets, and a series of rails, all of which allow you to change how you use your lamps. No matter your needs or wishes, we’re confident that something on this page is the perfect match for you.

As we’ve said, we have a wide range of accessories that make your light source stand out in exactly the way you want it to. If you want a more classic look for your lamp, you can use a pleated white lampshade from Le Klint or a rice paper lampshade from HAY. You can never go wrong with a white or pleated lampshade as it adds a light, neat touch to your room and a seamless sense of elegance that contributes a stunning touch no matter your style of décor.

With this wide range of exquisite lamp accessories, you can create your own lamp and unique design expression to make your décor stand out. We also offer a wide range of spare parts, so you can optimise and repair your existing light sources.


Step into our diverse collection of lampshades from different brands and open up a world of personalized lighting. Lampshades not only serve as practical covers for light sources, but also act as design elements that can transform the mood of any room. With our wide range of materials, styles and designs, you can easily tailor lighting for any occasion.

Rice paper lampshades spread a warm, diffused lighting that creates a gentle, glowing atmosphere in the room. These shades add subtle elegance and are perfect for relaxation and coziness. On the other hand, fabric lampshades deliver a cozy atmosphere with their ability to filter light in a soft and pleasant way. Plastic lampshades produce a modern, crisp lighting that is excellent for workspaces or places that require focused light.

Our range allows you to express your aesthetic, whether you're into minimalist design or color experimentation. Let your creativity unfold by choosing from different shapes, sizes and materials to achieve the desired lighting effect and aesthetic in your home.

Pleated lampshade

Enter a world of refined aesthetics with our fascinating range of pleated lampshades. These shades take your lighting to the next level by adding subtle beauty and an exciting play between light and shadow. In addition to their practical function, pleated lampshades transform your interior design into a visual experience.

The structured pattern of the pleating creates a unique visual depth and a special quality of light that filters through the shade. The result is a gentle, diffused lighting that spreads a warm and inviting atmosphere throughout the room. Whether your decor is modern or classic, pleated lampshades add a timeless elegance and a subtle touch of luxury.

Explore our range of pleated lampshades in different shades, sizes and materials and get inspired to create your own personal look. By choosing the perfect pleated shades for your lights, you can create unique lighting that exudes both function and beauty. Give your rooms a new perspective with these stunning lampshades that combine style with a refined lighting experience.

Lamp pendants and canopies

Dive into our exciting range of lamp pendants and canopies that allow you to add a personal and aesthetic dimension to your lighting. A light fitting is more than just a practical detail - it's a chance to experiment with design and create a visual statement in your home.

Our selection of lamp pendants ranges from modern metal designs to natural woodwork and subtly textured materials. A metal pendant can add an industrial edge to a room, while a wooden pendant brings warmth and organic beauty to your decor. Choose colors and shapes that either complement or contrast your existing style and create lighting that exudes character.

Canopies not only give your lights a structured place to sit, but can also accentuate your decor with elegance. Choose a simple canopy for a minimalist look or an elaborate version to add an ornamental touch. With lamp pendants and canopies, you can play with heights and arrangements, create an eye-catching cluster or highlight a single lamp as an artistic focal point.

Explore our range of lamp mounts and canopies and give your lights a unique identity. Whether you want to add a subtle elegance or create a bold visual statement, lamp pendants and canopies are the ideal tools to shape your lighting with style and individuality.
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