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Tala is a new British lighting brand on a mission to create exquisite products that bring out the best in their surroundings.

The company was founded by four students at the University of Edinburgh who shared a passion for design, technology and sustainability. Whilst working on a project about solar panels for hotel roofs, the four friends agreed that there had to be a way to further optimise the light source using LED lights—and that marked the start of their journey.

Tala manufactures LED bulbs unlike any you’ve ever seen before! Each bulb has a unique and appealing expression capable of changing the appearance of your lamps.

Tala has even launched a collection of table and ceiling sockets with oak, walnut and copper finishes. These lamps are gorgeous in and of themselves, but when paired with the company’s beautiful bulbs, the end result is absolutely outstanding.

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More about Tala

Whilst installing solar panels as part of a hotel project in Porto, the friends suggested using LED lighting to further reduce the hotel’s energy consumption.

The architect’s complaints about the clunky design inspired the four designers to start developing new technologies and manufacturing processes to see just how far they could push the limits of lamp design. Just like that, the first lovely sustainable bulb was born.

Aside from working with the most recent energy-efficient technologies, the four friends have also mastered the use of materials and techniques with minimal impact on the environment. Together, they strive to achieve a transparent and carbon neutral supply chain.
This grants them the opportunity to develop bulbs intended to last at least ten years.

Every single element of the bulb’s design has been chosen in an effort to create a modern and inviting atmosphere. The production method focuses on technique and quality without compromising design and sustainability. This is what makes Tala bulbs unique.
After the company was established, the Ten Trees programme was introduced. The programme is a commitment to plant 10 trees for every 200 products sold. Although the products themselves are sustainable, Tala wants to ensure that the company as a whole remains carbon neutral.

At the moment, Great Britain has less than a third of its original forest cover compared to various other European countries. Tala is partnered with The Heart of England Forest in an effort to build and protect a new forested area in central England. To date, the company has helped plant more than 11,000 native broad-leaf trees like beech and oak.

In the States, the company is partnered with the National Forest Foundation, which focuses on rebuilding ecosystems all over the country. To date, the company has helped plant 10,000 trees in Ochoco National Forest in Oregon and the Lassen National Forest in California, both areas heavily affected by forest fires.

Tala believes in responsible entrepreneurship and it is for this reason that Ten Trees plays such a central role in the company. The four friends are hoping to expand the reach of the programme to include areas that need forests for generations to come.
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