Luca Nichetto

Foscarini, Studio Italia, &Tradition. Luca Nichetto has an incredible designer CV. He has designed a wealth of products, and the designer from Italy, who has studios in Venice and Sweden, is behind some of the most unique lamps in our entire collection.

Dive into the selection below, and discover Tabata from &Tradition, Chouchin from Foscarini, and Easy Peasy from Studio Italia.
Kurage Table Lamp - Foscarini
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Troag Media LED Pendant My Light Natural - Foscarini
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Magnificent art in small packaging

Luca Nichetto founded his business, Nichetto & Partners, in 2006, and things took off for the exciting designer more or less immediately. He is now based in Sweden and Italy. If you were to describe his style, adjectives like smart, simple, streamlined, and fun might come to mind—and looking through the vast range of excellent designs, it comes as no surprise that Nichetto is highly coveted by Italian and Scandinavian design circles alike.

Foscarini was one of the brands that were lucky enough to get a lamp designed by Luca Nichetto. He’s the creative mind behind five collections from the Venetian brand.

The Couchin collection consists white glass pendants with soft, unique curves – Troag Media, a long pendant – The Plass pendants, which are round, colourful pendants – Kurage, a cute little table lamp – and the unique O-Space.  

But Foscarini isn’t the only brand to collaborate with the designer. In fact, it isn’t even the only Italian brand to have had the honour. Studio Italia Design, a high-end lighting brand, collaborated with Luca Nichetto to create the humorous and quaint Easy Peasy lamps. These lamps are made to be used on the go, and they’re some of the most unique to-go lamps out there. Their quirky shapes are created using glass of various colours.

As we’ve mentioned, Luca Nichetto has a studio in Sweden, and the designer has also created lamps in collaboration with the Scandinavian brand &Tradition. The lovely Tabata wall lamp was inspired by the wish to create a wall lamp that appeared to be floating. The weightlessness is palpable, and the three metal modules bathe their surroundings in an incredibly soft, diffuse glow.

Various shapes of designs

Aside from lamps, Luca Nichetto has designed a wealth of other products. The designer has created furniture, home accessories, glasses, books, and even a podcast where he talks about design and dialogue. His studio specialises in big made-to-order designs, but once you’ve hired the team, you can expect Luca Nichetto’s brand to be with you all the way from idea to product to completion.
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