Industrial Lamps

Industrial lamps and lighting solutions have truly made their way into interior design, especially as a complement to Scandinavian décor. The style adds a touch of soul and personality to the room while giving the overall expression a creative twist.

The industrial style is often associated with big open warehouses and factories, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Thanks to the visible screws, joints and grids, mechanical joints, and choice of material, there are many home accessories out there these days that can bring an industrial touch to your home—particularly industrial lamps and lighting solutions. Find your favourite in our range of industrial lamps.
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What’s typical of industrial design?

Much of the inspiration for industrial design comes from industrial buildings—warehouses, factories, and workshops. Industrial design is often associated with the large spaces we know from factories, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The industrial look can be recreated with furniture, objects, and lamps that embrace the popular style, especially with materials like raw and painted black metal, warm wood, and concrete. And these features don’t have to be resigned to designer objects—they can also be incorporated as flooring or wallpaper. Stainless steel and brick walls in the living room give the space an industrial touch and brings to mind raw factories. No matter the architectural style of status of your home, workspace, or restaurant, there’s always a way to incorporate the industrial style.

In terms of lighting design, industrial lamps have become a fixture of various collections. You’ll find a range of lamps in raw and painted metals out there, including the classic workshop pendant. Lamps with visible details like screws, grids, and mechanical joints have also become popular, and big lamps in particular lend a dramatic expression to the room. Pair the lamp with a warm light source to give the room a cosy, comfortable light.

Beautiful pendants for an industrial look

The pendant often has a central eye-catching placement in the room, so it usually has an impact on the overall expression. In other words, an industrial pendant is an effective choice. Pick a lamp inspired by the traditional industrial lamp, like the Coolicon Pendant or the Workshop Pendant with soul and history. Available in various modern shades.

Industrial ceiling lamps for every room

The traditional ceiling lamp or plafond is often used to create a good base light, but it can do so much more than that. The industrial ceiling lamp is available in a flat version mounted on the ceiling, like the Svep Ceiling Lamp from the Swedish brand Konsthantverk. The unique take on the plafond has a clearly industrial expression, thanks to the metal tape with visible studs that frame the light. Another kind of ceiling lamp is the popular range from Lampe Gras. The simple design has arms, bodies, brackets, and mechanical joints that give the lamp its industrial look. Lampe Gras was originally designed for industrial use in 1927, and it is unique in its simplicity, robust build, and ergonomic design. These days, the Lampe Gras ceiling lamp is often used above workspaces in the office or the kitchen, but it also works as an industrial alternative to the classic pendant above the dining table.

Industrial vintage

When we’re talking about industrial design, it’s impossible to skip over the term ‘vintage’. Vintage is often associated with something old and aesthetic. The term comes from the world of wine, where it refers to the year in which a wine was made. It has later been applied to clothes, furniture, and interior design, and it’s a term most of us have come across.

In the world of lighting design, it often refers to something old and aesthetic. The term ‘industrial vintage’ refers to oxidised or raw materials such as brass and copper. The untreated surface will eventually develop a unique patina, achieving the ‘old’ vintage look that way.

Bring the style into your home with the industrial wall lamp from Lampe Gras, available in a version with a raw copper lampshade. With its mechanical joints and simple, ergonomic shape, the lamp is the perfect fit for anyone who wants an industrial touch for reading in the bedroom or lighting up workspaces in the kitchen.
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