Hübsch Home Accessories

”Where happiness lives” is Hübsch’ motto, and that is clearly reflected in the gorgeous, cosy home accessories that the brand stocks. Hübsch first saw the light of day in 2010, when the business was founded by Flemming Hussak, Jannie Krüger, and Daniel Henriksen, and it has gone on to become one of the biggest interior design brands in Scandinavia.

The Danish designer brand has a wide portfolio of shelves, cupboards, candlesticks, and much more. The common denominator for the different products is Hübsch focus on sustainability and eco-friendliness.

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Cube Pouf Orange - Hübsch
RRP EUR 200.00
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Hack Coatrack Black - Hübsch
RRP EUR 130.00
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Ground Stool Natural - Hübsch
RRP EUR 180.00
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Miro Vase Brown - Hübsch
RRP EUR 93.00
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Posy Vase Maroon/Rose - Hübsch
RRP EUR 100.00
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Umber Vase Amber - Hübsch
RRP EUR 96.00
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Drop Mirror Natural - Hübsch
RRP EUR 140.00
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Hübsch interior design

Interior design products from Hübsch are a sure-fire way to bring lots of Scandinavian elegance into your décor. The Danish brand has specialised in minimalist, stylish, and luxurious design for more than 10 years, and there’s no doubt that Hübsch will always be a good choice if you need a coatracks, shelf, bench, basket, vase, candlestick, chopping board, kitchen roll holder, and so on.

The company has an extensive portfolio, and there’s something in the collection for everyone, no matter your style. That being said, Hübsch is a Nordic brand, which really comes through in its minimalism. There’s something for every home, but the products from this umlauted brand truly excel in Scandinavian décor.

Hübsch coatrack

As we mentioned above, there is a wealth of Hübsch products out there, but it would be remiss of us not to highlight the various coatracks from the Danish brand.

The elegant Fusion Coatrack is an eternal classic, and its two colours—black and ochre—fit seamlessly into all corridors, kitchens, living rooms, saunas, and bathrooms. You decide if you want to use it for coats, bathrobes, tea towels, aprons, or towels. The design is minimalist and elegant, and the curved tube that turns the coatrack into a shelf underscores the finesse that characterises a true Hübsch product.

If you prefer a minimalist touch, we highly recommend the Hack coatrack. The charcoal coatrack provides a great contrast for white rooms, and the monochrome design makes the coatrack look exclusive and even a little secretive.

If you can’t get enough of minimalism, there’s also the Merry collection, which does away with norms and expectations, resulting in a unique rack with rounded hooks and body.

Hübsch mirror

The Danish designer brand has also created an iconic mirror that each and every one of us can see ourselves in. It goes by Drop, and it uses natural materials in a teardrop-shaped construction. Of course, the oak used to create this mirror is FSC-certified, so you’re not just buying a lovely mirror but also an eco-friendly product made exclusively with wood that can be traced.
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