Solar Cell Lamps

Do you want the functionality to match the gorgeous shape of your outdoor lighting? Then the answer is solar cells. Find a lovely range of outdoor lamps with built-in solar cells below—perfect for gardens and driveways alike. The built-in flexibility of the solar cells makes it easy to place them exactly where you need the light. We’ve rounded up a selection ranging from minimalist spikes from Lindby to lovely standing lamps from the German brand and so much more. Whether you’re going for a classic or modern look—bohemian or Bauhaus—you’ll find a good candidate for the job below.
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Solar cell lamp

If you want an energy-saving, eco-friendly, not to mention great light for indoor and outdoor use that’s easy on your finances and your electricity bill, then a solar cell lamp is the perfect lighting solution. Here at Lampemesteren, we have a wide range of solar cell lamps with various features, designs, and sizes, so there’s a lamp for every need. In other words, you’re practically guaranteed to find a lamp that matches your needs and your style to perfection.

Maybe you need a solar cell lamp in your garden to amplify the warm, cosy atmosphere or to light up your green spaces after nightfall. A solar cell lamp on a spike is the perfect solution because it’s easy to mount and stable once it’s in the ground. Even better, it’s easy to move around as you see fit. If you struggle to find your way to the front door when you come home late at night or you need to find something in the shed, a solar cell lamp with a sensor can be a great solution. The light turns on automatically when it registers motion, and you don’t need to fumble for a switch or worry about bumping into things as you make your way around. No matter your needs, we’re confident that we have the perfect solution for you.

As the day draws to a close, solar cell lamps in the driveway can be useful and aesthetic. You can place a row of solar cell lamps along the driveway to create an even light, giving you a better sense of your surroundings and welcoming your guests with a lovely, warm glow before they even step through the door. They also contribute a stunning design expression to your driveway, contributing an eye-catching touch guaranteed to command attention.

If you want to enjoy an energy-efficient light all over your home but can’t settle on a single placement, then a portable solar cell lamp from a brand like Loom Design might be the perfect solution. The brand’s collection of Lucerna solar cell lamps is functional and aesthetic, and with a modern and minimalist design, it’s guaranteed to look stunning no matter your style of décor. The collection comes in various sizes and colours, so you’re free to choose the perfect lamp for your needs and style. These portable lamps look like classic lanterns, which you can easily and elegantly move around as you see fit—and with an IP65 rating, it’s perfect for outdoor use. You don’t need to settle on a single placement because you can move the light around, allowing you to share the cosy, warm, and comfortable glow with your entire home. These lamps can also be dimmed using a touch dimmer, making it even easier to create the perfect light and atmosphere.

Solar cell wall lamp

Another functional, aesthetic, and energy-saving lighting solution that can light up your home inside and out is a solar cell wall lamp! Use this solar cell outdoors as well as indoors, where it looks stunning on the wall and provides a good, even light without taking up too much space in your garden, on your porch, in the driveway, or on the windowsill. Place a solar cell lamp along the wall or in a row, and watch as the beautiful light illuminates your home.
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