Glass Lamps

Since the dawn of time, glass has been a preferred material for lamp manufacturers around the world—from oil lamps with glass surrounding the flame to protect against the wind to Venetian candle chandeliers with lovely blown glass pendants. While lamp manufacturers are getting more creative in terms of material and shape, glass continues to be one of the preferred materials in the world of lamp design.

Discover our range of glass lamps in the value for money collection below; find classic glass pendants as well as ceiling lamps and table lamps in glass. If you want to see our entire collection of glass lamps, you can find that by clicking here!
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Glass pendant

Thanks to the lovely motifs painted on the surface of a clear glass pendant by the light of the bulb and the reflections of its surroundings, glass pendants have a unique and unmistakeable sensory expression—and it’s not hard to see why the classic lamp has seen a resurgence in popularity around the world. The glass pendant also exists in the even more classic opalised version. Here, the glass is milky white, which stops the bulb from blinding the lucky beholder without compromising on the output.

The value for money range is also home to the classic glass ceiling lamp that many of us know and love. It’s quite anonymous and hangs beautifully and elegantly above the room, casting its light in every direction. The concept has been extended to the glass wall lamps in the collection. Watch as the light of the bulb is reflected in the glass lampshade, and enjoy the elegance and exclusivity as it spreads into the room and shines light in every direction.

You can also find lamps with transparent and open domed glass lampshades in the collection, which reveal the bulb behind the glass. Open domes have become popular as bulb manufacturers have started to mimic the classic expression of an incandescent bulb, and people have come to realise that the bulb in itself can be beautiful. You don’t need to hide the bulb behind lampshades and opal glass – let it shine and become part of the design.

The many glass lamps have one thing in common, and that is that they’re all elegant and beautiful. The delicate touch results in exquisite beauty, and from its position on the wall, ceiling, floor, or table, the glass lamp looks like a stunning gemstone with its impeccable reflections and glossy surface. Invite elegance into your décor, and find out just how decorative a beautiful glass lamp can be. We’re confident that we have the perfect glass lamp for you somewhere in our collection!
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