Silver Lamps

A silver lamp ensures first-rate elegance, grace, and aesthetic. The glossy metal can spruce up any pendant, ceiling lamp, floor lamp, wall lamp, or table lamp, and not only does it shine into the room, but the metal also reflects its surroundings.

Discover our value for money range of lamps with a silver finish, where you can find the lovely, glossy lamps of your dreams. A silver lamp ensures an exclusive expression that look stunning, particularly in extension of the Nordic style. If your décor needs an elegant boost, try a silver table lamp for your desk—the little lamp will give the room a wonderful expression and undoubtedly impress you and your guests.

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Anneka Ceiling Fan Ø132 Silver - Lindby
RRP EUR 384.00
Back in stock on: 01-05-2023
Arnik Pendant L180 Nickel - Lucande
RRP EUR 398.00
Back in stock on: 10-03-2023
Nicano Floor Lamp Alu - Lucande
RRP EUR 239.00
Expected in: 10 - 14 days
Tolu Pendant L180 Nickel/Chrome - Lucande
RRP EUR 755.00
Expected in: 10 - 14 days
Vince 1 Ceiling Lamp Silver - Arcchio
RRP EUR 80.00
Back in stock on: 03-02-2023
Resi Floor Lamp Alu - Lucande
RRP EUR 212.00
Back in stock on: 15-03-2023
Jolinda Table Lamp Silver - Arcchio
RRP EUR 874.00
Back in stock on: 13-02-2023
Lysander Ceiling Lamp 28W Silver - Arcchio
RRP EUR 159.00
Expected in: 10 - 14 days
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Chrome lamps

Chrome lamps are some of the most elegant elements you can add to your décor. Glossy surfaces—whether they’re chrome, silver, or some other kind of glossy metal—reflect their surroundings, drawing the eye back to the surface. They live in your home, commanding attention as they contribute unfathomable amounts of elegance, good design, and exclusivity.

Our value for money collection is home to all sorts of lamps with a silvery expression. The ceiling lamp section alone is home to various kinds of lamps;

In the understated section, you can find the Marlo and Solvie ceiling lamps from Arcchio. Like true plafond lamps, they hang reliably from the ceiling and bathe the rest of your home and décor in a wonderful light without making commanding too much attention. When the lovely lamps do catch your eye, it’s clear to see that they are hugely elegant and stunning with their silver designs that radiate exclusivity.

The ceiling lamp section is also home to the Vince from Arcchio and Darima from Lindby spots. Once again, these silver lamps take an anonymous approach to light and downplay their elegance to ensure that they have a decorative effect that doesn’t scream for attention. That said, the Darima lamp is a little cheekier than its partner thanks to the small airholes in the lampshade that let out tiny rays of light.

In the extravagant and almost artistic corner, we find the Esfera ceiling lamp from Lindby and the Ciaran and Enesa ceiling lamps from Lucande. All these lamps are stunning and fight back against the stereotype that ceiling lamps are boring. Enesa and Ciaran incorporate geometric shapes with a dynamic expression while Esfera uses the beautifully reflective properties of chrome to create big glossy drops that reflect the room and hang from the ceiling like freshly melted solder frozen in time and place.

The collection is also home to stunning pendants and floor lamps – and just like the ceiling lamps, these are small works of art in themselves. The unique Somidia from Arcchio is an innovative fusion of a streetlamp and a fluorescent lamp, and it is the perfect futuristic light source for the home office. The world of pendants is also home to Marija from Lucande with an elegant and minimalist design that hangs gracefully above the dining table, letting its metallic finish and unique shape speak for themselves.

There are also plenty of silver wall lamps in the value for money collection – and this is where the futuristic feel really takes centre stage. Lucande, Arcchio, and Lindby have created some industrial and precise wall lamp designs, known as Lengo, Rick, and Sirita respectively.

Take a look – we’re confident that we have the perfect silver lamp for you. Click here to see our entire collection of silver lamps!
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Share your pictures with #yesLampmasters
Inspire and let yourself be inspired, from one unique home to another. Tag your pictures with #yesLampmasters and you might see your home here!