Piet Hein Home Accessories

Piet Hein is known for creating elegant and functional home accessories that combine a timeless aesthetic with practicality. From his iconic Superellipse vases and glassware to his signature candle holders and pitchers, Hein's designs are characterized by a simple and harmonious balance between form and function. His use of materials such as stainless steel and wood reflects a sense of quality and durability. Piet Hein's home accessories not only add a touch of Scandinavian elegance to any space, but also incorporate a deep understanding of users' needs and daily routines.

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Super Vase H50 Glass/White - Piet Hein
RRP EUR 363.00
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Super Vase H16 Glass/Clear - Piet Hein
RRP EUR 43.00
Expected in stock: 3 - 5 days
Super Vase H50 Glass/Clear - Piet Hein
RRP EUR 290.00
Expected in stock: 3 - 5 days
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Candlesticks by Piet Hein

Piet Hein's candlesticks are masterpieces of the design world, combining simple shapes with a subtle elegance. His candle holders, often named after constellations and planets, are created with a focus on functionality and aesthetics. The minimalist approach in Hein's designs creates a timeless expression that fits in with any interior design style. Always made from high-quality materials, the candle holders exude a unique aesthetic and durability. The characteristic asymmetry and curves of the candle holders create a visually interesting element that adds a touch of artistic flair to any atmosphere. Piet Hein's candle holders are not only functional objects that spread light, but also works of art that blend form and function in a remarkable way.

Piet Hein bowls

Piet Hein's bowls represent a fusion of simple forms, aesthetic appeal and practicality. Known for creating timeless designs, Hein has managed to give the bowls a distinctive elegance. His bowls have a subtle asymmetry and an organic shape that creates visual interest while maintaining a functional use. Whether as a centerpiece on the dining table or as part of the decor, Piet Hein's bowls add a sophisticated touch to any context. Their versatility makes them suitable for both everyday use and special occasions, and they represent a beautiful blend of art and functionality in home accessories. Piet Hein's Superellipse is a geometric shape that combines the characteristics of an ellipse and a rectangle. This unique shape has become iconic in Hein's design repertoire and is best known for its use in tables, lamps and bowls.
The bowl based on the Superellipse shape continues Hein's fascination with geometry and aesthetics. It uses the distinctive Superellipse shape to create a bowl with a unique and streamlined profile. The bowl's flat surface and gentle curves give it a modern look while maintaining its functionality as a container.

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Piet Hein vase

Piet Hein's vases are a celebration of simplicity, elegance and a subtle play with form. His design philosophy, which merges mathematics and aesthetics, is expressed in these sculptural objects. Hein's vases are characterized by their clean lines, balanced proportions and innovative approach to design. Hein's vases have an ability to adapt to different interior design styles, from modern to more classic spaces. Their simple elegance makes them suitable as a central part of decorative arrangements or as a subtly refined detail in any home. Piet Hein's vases are a tribute to the beauty of a well-defined form and showcase his talent for combining artistic sensibility with practicality.
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