Children's lamps

Children’s lamps are meant to create the framework for decorating a child’s bedroom. These lamps tend to change as the child grows older and as their needs begin to change.

Our assortment includes a selection of children’s lamps characterised by design, humour, and gorgeous colours.

Find a children’s lamp that suits your style of décor and meets your child’s lighting needs. Browse our selection of children’s lamps below.
Eos Nano Shade White - Umage
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Cloud Wall Lamp Dusty Rose - ferm LIVING
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Designer lamps for the child’s room décor

Our assortment comprises a large selection of children’s lamps from some of the most famous brands on the market for children’s lamps. Browse the collection and find the perfect fit for the décor of your child’s room.

Mr. Maria is a collection of designer lamps for children’s rooms, and each lamp has its own wonderful story that the child can expand on. The only limit is their imagination. The Mr. Maria lamps are minimalistic in their expression, and their soul and character are bound to create a sense of safety and cosiness in any child’s room.

A lamp from Mr. Maria will become your child’s best friend in no time.

View all the Mr. Maria lamps here

When it comes to finding lamps for children’s rooms, there are numerous bases to cover. The lamp has to provide effective light, and this is where the Eos ceiling lamp from UMAGE comes in. It’s perfect for girls’ rooms.

Children’s wall lamps

When it comes to choosing children’s lamps, safety is a big factor, and that goes for wall lamps as well. It’s important that the light source isn’t exposed for the child to touch, so make sure to select a lamp with either sufficient shading or a built-in light source.

The Zoolight Bamse wall lamp provides fantastic lighting, and as if that wasn’t enough, it’s also adorable. Children and adults alike are bound to shower affection on this wall lamp.

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Fun children’s lamps

It’s not enough for children’s lamps to have a gorgeous design: they also need to be fun. If it makes the child smile, it feels safe, and a child’s room should be the epitome of safety, cosiness, and warmth.
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