Norm Architects

Norm Architects was founded by Jonas Bjerrre-Poulsen and Kasper Rønn in Copenhagen in 2008. Norm Architects is home to a group of creative designers and architects who unite craftsmanship and material with beauty, history, and timeless simplicity. The interdisciplinary design studio focuses on architecture, interior design, and photography, not to mention branding and art direction. Their projects span more than 10 countries, and they work with everything from architecture to product design.

In the studio, they work closely with textures, materials, and perceptions of architecture and design. Their designs are created to be viewed not only by the eye but by the rest of the senses too. The Scandinavian principles of design are particularly prominent in their work, which combines timeless aesthetics and natural materials with exclusivity and simplicity.
The name Norm Architects is reflective of the studio’s focus on finding inspiration in architectural and design norms and traditions. The brand has been showered with prestigious awards like the Red Dot, IF Design Award, Design Plus Award, and Good Design Award since the early days.

Norm Architects for MENU

As part of an ongoing partnership with MENU, Norm Architects help to develop the brand and its product range. The studio and MENU find common ground in simplicity and creativity that is largely motivated by the mind and the body. Together, they explore ideas that not only aspire to aesthetic perfection but also feel great: minimalism with a soft side, architecture with a thought-provoking angle, and visual fabric with a sensory quality.

Find the range of Norm Architects designs for MENU here

Norm Architects for &tradition

Inspired by nature and travels around the world, Norm Architects have also created designs for the Danish brand &tradition. Mass Light NA6 is inspired by the different streetlights in Paris, Barcelona, and New York. The streetlamp’s basic elements—the distinct cast-iron top and the semi-transparent glass sphere—have been translated into lamp design. Shape, feel, and material all come together to give the lamp a unique expression. Aside from being the perfect addition to the &tradition range, the lamp is a stellar example of Norm’s ability to unite material with craftsmanship and timeless simplicity.

Find the range of Norm Architects designs for &tradition here
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