Great design at small prices! Here you can dive into an ocean of exquisite lamps and if you're lucky, you might find a hidden treasure that is the last of its kind. There are big discounts to be had and it's always possible to find a bargain. At Lampemesteren, we can boast that we have over 12,000 item numbers online - and because of this, it's inevitable that we need to clear out our stock from time to time: that's why we've created a place where it's easy to invest in design art on a budget.
Eos Evia Large Shade - Umage
RRP EUR 299.00
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Lunar Pendant Medium - Woud
RRP EUR 459.00
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Table Lamp Brass - Hübsch
RRP EUR 130.00
In stock now
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Home accessories clearance sale - create harmony in your home at extraordinary prices!

Welcome to our home accessories clearance sale, where we present a wide range of stylish and functional items for your home. Explore our selection of Accessories, Trays/Dishes, Bar Stools, Design Miniatures, Animals/Figures, Candlesticks, Cushions, Small Furniture, Mirrors, Clocks and Vases - all at discounted prices.

Find the perfect touch for your home decor with our selection of Accessories. Create elegance on the table with our beautiful Trays/Dishes or add a modern dimension to your bar with our selection of Bar Stools. Discover unique Design Miniatures and beautiful Animals/Figures to give your home a personalized charm. Candle holders in different styles, colors and materials are available to create the right mood in your space. Brighten up your sofas and chairs with our selection of Cushions and add functionality with our Small Furniture. Mirrors in different shapes and sizes not only provide a practical purpose, but can also improve the lighting and visual appeal of a room. Keep track of time with our elegant Clocks and bring nature into your home with our beautiful selection of Vases.

Dive into our Home Accessories clearance sale and upgrade your home with stylish items that reflect your personality. Don't miss out on the amazing deals - find your favorites and give your home a new lease of life today.

Design demo products and lamps

At Lampmasters, we always say that good design never goes out of fashion. There's a reason why many of today's hottest items have been popular since they were first designed - so there's no reason not to take advantage of designer lamps on sale!

The demo products in our range give you the opportunity to buy elegant lamps at discounted prices. Even though they have been used in exhibitions or demonstrated, they still retain their sublime design and functionality.

Explore our selection of designer lights ranging from modern and minimalist designs to more artistic and decorative variants. Our demo products present a unique opportunity to bring exclusive lighting into your home or workspace at a price that fits your budget.

Give your space a new light with our designer lighting demos and create an atmosphere of sophistication and style. Discover the many different styles, shapes and materials available and find the perfect lamp to suit your taste and interior design style. Buy with confidence as our demo products still deliver the high quality and design that our brand is known for.

Hubsch, Piet Hein and Hay Warehouse Sale

Dive into the world of Hubsch, where Scandinavian elegance and simplicity meet. Our warehouse sale introduces you to Hubsch's unique designs, which include everything from furniture and lighting to decorative objects.

Piet Hein is known for combining math and art in their products. Experience elegance and functionality in perfect harmony with our demo items from Piet Hein, ranging from classic candle holders to modern furniture pieces.

Hay is synonymous with modern Danish design and innovation. Our warehouse sale includes a selection of Hay's most popular products, including furniture, lighting and accessories, allowing you to add a touch of Scandinavian flair to your home.

Whether you're looking for minimalist beauty, timeless elegance or modern innovation, our Hubsch, Piet Hein, and Hay warehouse sales have something for everyone. Discover the exclusive offers and add a touch of luxury to your home decor without breaking the budget. Hurry up and find your favorites, as our warehouse sales only last while stocks last!

Small Furniture Warehouse Sale

In addition to a variety of lamps, we also sell benches, small side tables, bar stools and much more.

Take part in our exciting Small Furniture Warehouse Sale, where you can upgrade your home with stylish and functional decor items at discounted prices. Explore our extensive range of small furniture that combines aesthetics with practicality.

Our warehouse sales include a diverse selection of small furniture for every room in your home. From elegant side tables and compact shelves to practical storage solutions and trendy bar stools, we have it all. Find the perfect piece of furniture to suit your interior design style and needs.

Discover modern designs, classic styles and contemporary trends, all brought together in our Small Furniture Warehouse Sale. Whether you're looking to optimize living room space, add flair to your bedroom or create an inspiring workspace, you'll find the ideal piece of furniture here.

Hurry to grab the best deals as our warehouse sales are only available while stocks last. Give your home a breath of fresh air and create a space that reflects your unique style by joining our Small Furniture Warehouse Sale today!
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