SLAMP is an Italian design firm that is behind some of the biggest current lamp classics, thanks to its love for design and aesthetics. Every lamp released by the company offers a distinctive expression that contributes to functionality and improves the look of its surroundings. There is something unique about each and every product.

Lentiflex, Opalflex & Crystalflex

Many of Slamp's products use the materials Crystalflex, Opalflex and Lentiflex. These are materials invented by Slamp and patented by Slamp. The various 'Flex' materials are technopolymers - plastics that have been refined to achieve properties not typically found in plastics. Slamp's patented materials can be characterized as rigid yet flexible, incredibly durable and recyclable.

Lentiflex is Slamp's transparent material that is as clear as glass. Opalflex is, as the name suggests, Slamp's semi-transparent material that mimics the look of opalized glass. Crystalflex is transparent like Lentiflex, but with small refractions like crystal glass.
Flora Floor Lamp Copper - SLAMP
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SLAMP lamps

Roberto Ziliani founded SLAMP in 1994 with the goal of bringing something new to the Italian design scene. Since the beginning, the company has offered high-quality lamps and lighting solutions with an evident eye for detail that helps ensure the quality of the production methods.

The SLAMP collection offers a range of lamps and lighting designs for all generations, each with a groundbreaking and experimental twist. In partnership with a plethora of designers, SLAMP has been granted multiple international design awards, and in May 2012, the company received the Red Dot prize for its Veli collection.

Young designers are the backbone of SLAMP, as they ensure that all designs released by the company are inspired and forward-thinking. These designers think outside the box, use alternative materials and help set the trends of the future.

SLAMP has grown steadily throughout its lifetime and is now one of the most representative brand names as far as decorative lighting designs are concerned. The company is a point of reference for everyone who wants to own something coveted, original and exclusive.

It is in the very DNA of SLAMP to be curious and experimental and its designers work with a range of technical solutions that keep the company ahead of the game. Over time, SLAMP has become one of the best-known brand names for decorative light solutions.

Francesco Paretti

Best-known work: Bach lamp for SLAMP
Training: Industrial designer

Francesco Paretti was born in Terni, Italy, and studied industrial design at the University La Sapienza in Rome.

Paretti has worked as a design consultant for numerous large companies, where he designed products either alone or with other well-known designers like Stefano Giovannoni, Anna Gili and Gai Mattiolo.

In 1997 and 1998 he won the San Valentino Gold award and in 2003 he won the international design competition Aprilia Design Award.

Today his designs are exhibited in some of the greatest museums in the world.

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Nigel Coates

Nigel Coates continues to challenge architecture and its meaning. His mission is to add equal parts of art and intelligence to architecture and design, and a sense of passion and irony is visible in all of his products.

After finishing his education at the Architectural Association, Coates designed many buildings, interiors and exhibitions all over the world, particulaly in England and Japan. Some of his more experimental designs have been shown at museums such as Tate Modern.

Coates is a very popular designer in both the lighting and furniture industries, and he has collaborated with several Italian design companies. Since 2008 he has been the creative director for SLAMP.  

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