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The House Doctor collection is home to designer lamps that help you create a stylish, elegant home with décor that highlights your personal tastes. The Danish designer brand was established in Ikast back in 2002, and ever since, its selection of unique items has been strongly rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition. Great emphasis has always been placed on the details, whether it's the surface finish, the composition of the materials, or the functionality. Instead of using neon colours and jumping on the latest trends, House Doctor lamps allow you to decorate your home in a timeless, sophisticated manner with metal, brass, and matte glass. Materials, patterns, and textures come together to create pendants, table lamps, and wall lamps that fit seamlessly into your existing décor. Some House Doctor lamps have a touch of timeless elegance and blend into your interior design while others are designed to stand out and contribute an aesthetic, sculptural touch, complete with edges and matte surfaces. House Doctor designs are here to stay, no matter how your taste changes.
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House Doctor – find your pendant, table lamp, or wall lamp

A lamp is more than just a piece of design, and creating the perfect light for the entire home is far from easy, which is why House Doctor has designed an elegant selection of lamps to cover a range of needs. The common denominator across the collection is that the wall lamps, pendants, floor lamps, and table lamps strike a lovely balance between aesthetics and functionality. Whether you need a focused light or you’re looking for a sculptural effect, you’ll find something in the House Doctor range, which includes everything from streamlined metal lamps to soft lamps in transparent glass or rice paper.

Create an inviting and relaxing atmosphere with a Bidar lamp above the dining table, or mount a group of small, golden Pin pendants in the corner. If you want showstopping décor, place a Molecular lamp in the hallway or above the dining table, where the wide-reaching arm creates an amazing light and contributes an undeniable wow factor. If you need a good reading light beside the armchair or the bed, a Precise wall lamp is the perfect choice with its focused, targeted light that makes it easy to light up what you’re reading. But nothing beats a table lamp when you want a cosy light and a versatile design. Place the Thane table lamp on a sideboard or the table by the sofa, where the light and metal create a dynamic expression and contribute a soft look to the area. On a warm summer evening, you can bring a portable table lamp outside to extend the cosy evening, or you can create a relaxed atmosphere with House Doctor string lights. You can also place string lights in your child’s room to give it a cosy, modern look.

House Doctor lighting

There are many kinds of lighting. With the collection from House Doctor, you’re guaranteed to find a design with the perfect proportions, details, and materials to complete your décor. Putting a personal and dynamic spin on your décor is all about mixing—not matching. Whether you have a modern, retro-inspired, or industrial style of décor, the collection is bound to have a design that fits seamlessly into your home. That’s the power of House Doctor. The options are endless, so there’s no reason to change your lamps regularly because a lamp from House Doctor always fits in.

About House Doctor

The three siblings Rikke Juhl Jensen, Gitte Juhl Capel, and Klaus Juhl Pedersen, who came together to create the brand after years of experience in interior design retail. All three of them agreed that the Danish design scene needed something new, and on a foundation of great ideas, House Doctor was born.

In a few short years, House Doctor has gone from being a small business to having more than 100 employees, and it has become one of the leading interior design brands in the country. Aside from lamps, House Doctor manufactures other interior design elements, such as furniture, blankets, decorative items, kitchen equipment, and outdoor products—all with the same focus on playfulness, uniqueness, and innovation. Based in Denmark, the natural choices of materials are wood, copper, metal, and stoneware, all of which illustrate great respect for the Nordic style and nature.

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