Seletti Home Accessories

Forget about the granted, the anonymous, and the classic solutions to interior design—Seletti is here, and the brand aims to puzzle, shock, and seduce.

The Italian brand, which first appeared on the interior designs scene in 1964, is characterised by its humorous, quirky, and at times liberatingly childish approach to everyday items, and as a result, Seletti is interior design royalty when it comes to pop art.  

Discover the brand’s incredible portfolio below—and if you need a lamp as well, make sure to check out our collection of Seletti lamps here!
Toiletpaper Baroque Mirror Gold - Seletti
RRP EUR 933.00
Expected in stock: 10 - 14 days
Hybrid Lfe Vase In Porcelain - Seletti
RRP EUR 204.00
Expected in stock: 10 - 14 days
Hybrid-Aror Bowl In Porcelain - Seletti
Expected in stock: 10 - 14 days
Hybrid-Tiwanaku Bowl In Porcelain - Seletti
RRP EUR 79.00
Expected in stock: 10 - 14 days
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A gleam in the eye, and design under control

If you’re used to Seletti’s lovely collection of home accessories, nothing can surprise you. You know that Seletti is the brand behind some of the quirkiest products on the market, and that it’s the best way to bring some attitude, quirkiness, humour, and charm into your décor.

The common denominator across the Seletti range is that each product is of the highest quality and made by hugely talented designers, up-and-coming and established alike. Whether it’s a CTRLZAK porcelain product that has been destroyed only to be glued back together or a vase in the shape of an anatomically correct human heart or a golden astronaut from Mercantonio, we guarantee that Seletti’s products are always of the highest quality and focused on details and design.

Bring Seletti into your universe, and we’re certain that Seletti will return the favour. On top of a wide range of home accessories, we also carry Seletti lamps, which are just as humorous as the home accessories. You can find them here!
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