Umage’s popular Asteria lamps have a simple, slender, minimalist lampshade with a built-in LED panel. The collection comprises a pendant, ceiling lamp, floor lamp, table lamp, and a portable table lamp. Choose between various colours, from the neutral black and pearly white to the more daring saffron yellow, petroleum blue, and ruby red. Find your favourite lamp in the collection, whether you need to light up your dining table, nightstand, or hallway.
Asteria Pendant Ruby - Umage
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Scandinavian design with a luxurious touch

The wonderful collection of lamps comes from the Danish brand Umage. The brand was founded as Vita Copenhagen in 2008, and the name change to Umage came in late 2018. The new name comes from the Danish word for paying attention to detail, and it refers to the brand values and approach to design, not to mention the finished products that are environmentally responsible. Umage also focuses on creating designs that build on Scandinavian values—sustainable design and production of the highest quality. This is reflected in the packaging of the lamps, which come luxuriously wrapped in a beautiful box. The lamp is unassembled, allowing the use of a smaller box. All this is done to reduce shipping costs and CO2 emissions.

Joining an exciting range of unique lamps, Umage’s Asteria collection is a sight to behold. Rooted in Scandinavian design, the lamps are timeless, minimalist, and elegant—built to be loved throughout the world. The collection was originally launched as a pendant, but it is now available as a pendant, ceiling lamp, floor lamp, and table lamp.

Asteria Pendant – two sizes in various shades

Choose between the Asteria pendant with a diameter of 43 cm and the Asteria Mini pendant with a diameter of 31 cm. Ideal for lighting up the dining or kitchen table, where the mini version looks particularly well as part of a pair. Thanks to the specially designed LED panel and sleek design, the Asteria pendant is a timeless lamp. Choose from a wide range of lovely colours that match your personal style. The pendant comes with a brass detail that can easily be changed to black or steel as trends come and go.

Asteria Table Lamp – gorgeous light with a practical USB-port

The built-in LED panel is hidden beneath the lampshade’s diffuser to ensure a soft and comfortable glow. The transverse brass pipe adds an exclusive and luxurious touch to the overall design. Aside from providing a great light for nightstands and desks, the lamp has a practical USB-port, so you can charge your phone or tablet whether the lamp is on or off. This helps you reduce the number of cables cluttering up your table. Just like the pendant, the table lamp is available in a host of modern colours that match current trends in interior design.

Asteria Move – modern and portable table lamp

In early 2021, Umage launched Asteria Move—the newest member of the family. The wireless table lamps works for up to 35 hours on a full charge, allowing you to bring the comfortable light around the home with you. With a height of 41.5 cm and a weight of 3.1 kg, the lamp is easy to move around and bring to whichever spot needs a cosy temporary light. Choose the best colour for your style—from pearly white to warm red.

Asteria Floor Lamp – A cosy and stylish light

With its slim brass frame, the Asteria floor lamp is an elegant and stylish lamp. The simple design—paired with artisanry and the latest technology—makes this a lamp that will never go out of style. The switch is discreetly integrated into the design of the lamp. You turn the light on and off by turning the top part of the stem. Choose the best colour for your décor and use the lamp to light up the dark corners or for an extra cosy light in the bedroom or by the couches.

Asteria Ceiling Lamp – for a great base light

It can be difficult to find the right light for the kitchen. The Asteria ceiling lamp is a discreet and stylish solution that bathes the room in an efficient and comfortable glow. The built-in LED panels illuminate the room in a downlight, while the lamp emits an uplight that is reflected by the ceiling for an indirect light.

No matter where you need light or what you need it for, there’s an Asteria lamp for you. The slim and elegant design is a great fit for all homes, whether you gravitate towards a classic or modern expression.
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