LED Spots

Spotlights are a beautiful and practical lighting solution for many different areas in the home. They can be mounted on a wide range of surfaces – walls, ceilings, even floors. There are two main types of spotlights – surface-mounted and recessed. As their names suggest, surface-mounted spots are installed on a surface where recessed spots are installed into a surface. Surface-mounted spots provide illumination and at the same time function as visual objects. Recessed spots are more discreet, lighting a space or object without drawing attention to themselves. LED light sources use very little energy and consequently produce very little heat.  This makes them an ideal choice for recessed spots in particular, since they’re generally installed in enclosed spaces and are often left on for long periods.

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Spots for mounting

LED recessed spots provide a warm, bright, and energy-efficient light that doesn’t compromise on output. This makes them an attractive solution for homes and businesses alike, as they’re easy to mount, provide a good light, and are eco-friendly. New and modern recessed spots are also available with a high IP rating, protecting them against dust, particles, and moist areas, such as basements, bathrooms, and terraces. You can read more about the IP rating scale here, and find out which IP rating you need.

Recessed spots in the bathroom are typically easy to install as they don’t need to be mounted at a specific height. However, you do need to make sure that your spots have an IP rating for a wet room, as there are special rules in terms of where in the room you can place them and where they need to be placed in order to be considered safe. If your recessed spots live up to these requirements, you can install them in the ceiling or straight into the insulation, and just like that, there’s a great, warm light in your life.

When it comes to choosing a recessed spot, you should consider your ideal Kelvin. This has an impact on the colour temperature of your bulbs, making it vital to the light and atmosphere in the room. A lower Kelvin means a warmer light, whereas a higher Kelvin means a cooler light. So, if you’re looking for a focused light, go for a bulb with a high Kelvin. If, on the other hand, you’re in search of a cosy, atmospheric glow, you want a bulb with a low Kelvin. Read more about bulbs here, and find out which bulb is best for your needs.
Unlike halogen bulbs, LED spots are energy efficient, and they last longer, making them hugely popular. When you want to choose an LED spot, it’s important to consider its Ra value, as this has a significant impact on the bulb’s ability to render colours and, therefore, your experience of the colours around you. This can make a world of difference in, for example, photography studios and galleries.

Aside from the Ra value, you also need to consider the IP rating of your LED spots, especially if you want to use them in moist surroundings. The letters ‘IP’ and the two numbers that follow tell you how resistant the spots are to dust and water. If you don’t want to use your spots in a wet room, then an IP20 rating is ideal, whereas an IP44 rating is great for wet areas, whether indoors or out. Afterwards, you can consider the material of your spots, as this can affect how well the spots complement your existing décor and how well they handle rough weather conditions. An outdoor LED spot can help light up the outdoor spaces by your front door, on your terrace, or by your garage, making it easier to move around without tripping. On top of that, they make sure that you and your guests always get a warm welcome.

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Dimmable LED spot

These days, most LED spots are dimmable, so you can change the light to suit your needs and your mood, creating a relaxed atmosphere or a focused zone as needed. Dimmability also comes in handy in the kitchen because it can be nice to have a good work light as you prepare the food and a cosier glow to light up your dinner. Find our collection of dimmable spots here.

As opposed to recessed spots, it’s easy to install surface-mounted spots. All you have to do is mount them directly on the surface in question, regardless of whether that’s the ceiling or the wall. The spots are available in a variety of sizes, designs and colours. The spots are available as individual spots, as a group of spots mounted on a rail or as a complete ceiling lamp.

The main advantage of this type of light is that it is simple and easy to mount. There’s no need to drill holes into the mounting surface and you don’t need to make any insulation-related considerations. On top of that, you can mount the lamp all by yourself. Although the mounting process is easier, the light produced by these spots is just as focused and concentrated as that produced by embedded spots. The light experience is the same in spite of the fact that the design is different.
If you need spots for your kitchen, wall-mounted spots are a great choice as they’re easy to mount, have a beautiful design, and provide an efficient light, giving you a better view of what’s in your kitchen. Wall-mounted spots are generally flexible, so you can adjust the individual spots to ensure that you always have enough light where you need it. Maybe you want a better idea of what’s in your closet. In this case, an LED spot is the ideal solution because it provides a clear and direct light, making it easy to find what you’re looking for.

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