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Foscarini was founded in Venice in 1981. The company started out exploring the possibilities with materials like Murano glass. The company works with established designers who have inspired new trends, as well as up-and-coming designers who offer alternative styles and methods. The result of this combination is that the company offers a wide range of products, which makes Foscarini one of the most varied suppliers when it comes to lighting. Foscarini creates beautiful sculptures of light that make you feel loved and poetically understood in a way that no other lamps ever could. Foscarini brings the philosophy of light to life and is characterised by its immense respect for the source of light.
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More about Foscarini

Foscarini is also characterised by the high degree of creativity it has achieved through its use of materials, colours, finishes, and shapes we aren’t used to. The company’s success is, in part, built on its partnerships with famous and renowned designers. Rodolfo Dordoni is one of the many designers who have helped the company find its feet.

Other designers include Jozeph Forakis, Patricia Urquiola, and Marc Sadler, all of whom have contributed their creativity to the Foscarini mission to find new ways of thinking about light. Through the years, the company has expanded its base of materials to include satin-finish glass, polyethylene, wood, aluminium, and patented materials like the textured glass tissue, carbon fibre composites, and Kevlar®, which is a registered El du Pont de Nemours and Company trademark.

Another product worth a look is the beautiful Le Soleil lamp by Vicente Garcia Jimenez. The glowing orb is made of twisted polycarbonate ribbons. The lamp creates an exciting effect when the light is projected up through the gaps in the design, reflecting an indirect light onto its surroundings.

With its agile manufacturing structure and efficient international distribution set-up, Foscarini is in a position to guarantee its customers the highest standard of service. The unique Foscarini collection is ahead of the market and the high-quality materials used to manufacture them help secure the company’s position. The company of its material choices and creativity is unique.

Some of the most notable examples were Caboche, Twiggy, Tropico, and Allegro in 2009. Previous notable examples include the company’s Lumiere, Piccola, and Havana lamps. Some of them are standard function lamps—others are nothing short of art.

Research, innovation, and emphasis on the importance of high-quality manufacturing methods and services are but some of the elements that makes Foscarini what it is. Its international perspective, degree of flexibility, and product-oriented work culture are commendable, too.

This combination of qualities has enabled Foscarini to develop a portfolio with a strong personality. It is the fruit of the company’s labour as well as its partnership with design and manufacturing. Different partnerships with prominent designers and up-and-coming talent from around the world has allowed the company to diversify and offer a varied and creative collection, which is one of the most important characteristics of the company’s business approach. These partnerships give the company the flexibility to produce original products that are unique and—although innovative—beautifully simple.

Foscarini’s international focus has allowed for the development of a solid network. The company works with 2,500 retailers in 50 countries and have offered high-quality customer service that has been UNI EN ISO 9001 certified since 1996. This has allowed Foscarini to launch their “Successful Living from Diesel with Foscarini” collection, which is the result of their partnership with Diesel—the international lifestyle brand. This has led to a new aesthetic and given the company the chance to reach a market previously outside their reach.
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