100% Price-Match Guarantee

When shopping on Lampmasters.ie, we want you to get the best price.

The Path to the Best Prices

Lampmasters.ie has been one of the leading online retailers of designer lamps since 2010. Since the beginning, we’ve prided ourselves on offering our clients the best service possible. Our 100% price-match guarantee means that you can shop at Lampmasters.ie with peace of mind.

When you shop at Lampmasters.ie and want to redeem our 100% price-match guarantee as described below, just complete your order and write “Price-match guarantee” in the comment section at checkout. Insert a link to showcase proof of the lower price alongside your comment. If the conditions of the price-match guarantee (see below) are met, then we adjust the price before shipping your order and only debit your card the appropriate amount. If we think there might be an issue, one of the members of our customer service team will get in touch.

The price-match guarantee applies up to 14 days after your purchase. So, if you’ve bought a lamp through us and find it cheaper elsewhere within 14 days, all you have to do is contact customer service. If the conditions have been met, we will, of course, refund the difference.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch. Send us an email at info@lampmasters.ie, call us on +353 818 003 354, or contact us through our chat – we’re there to help Monday through Friday from 8.30am until 4pm.
Conditions for the 100% Price-Match Guarantee

Conditions for the 100% Price-Match Guarantee

  • The product must show the price-match guarantee icon on Lampmasters.ie
  • The price submitted must be the total price, including shipping and VAT
  • The product must be in store/available for delivery at the time of purchase, in the same colour and size as the one you wish to buy through us
  • The price-match guarantee is applicable up to 14 days after your purchase.
  • We do not offer the price-match guarantee for flash, special, or launch offers
  • The price-match does not apply on products from Philips Hue
  • We do not offer price-match on special orders and products that are not included in our standard selection.
  • Our price-match guarantee does not come with a free bulb unless this is included in the total price
  • The price-match guarantee cannot be combined with other discounts
  • The discounted price we are ask to match MUST be based on the correct RRP. We will always check that we have the same starting point as the webshop we should match. Do we have any doubt we will check the current price list
  • The discounted price we are ask to match must not require registration of memberships etc. to acchieve the pris. The price must be a public availible offer price
  • We only price match with webshops that are authorised retailers of the brand in question.
  • We only match pages with the same country code in the URL (.ie).

Please note that documentation for the price-match guarantee will be checked