The Panthella collection is based on the Panthella table lamp from 1971. Renowned designer Verner Panton wanted to create a lamp with organic shapes that reflected the light of the lampshade as well as the base of the lamp. The result speaks for itself, and these days, the collection includes the  table lamp in various versions, the Panthella floor lamp, and the latest addition, Panthella Portable.

The comfortable diffuse glow makes the lamp fit for use all over the home. The floor lamp is the perfect fit for living rooms and bedrooms alike, where the soft elegant glow gives the lamp a timeless quality. The iconic table lamp is a lovely fit for any table or dresser. If you want to place it on a shelf or the windowsill, choose between the Panthella Mini and the rechargeable Panthella Portable that can be brought around the home with you.
Panthella 250 Table Lamp Opal - Louis Poulsen
RRP EUR 496.00
Expected in stock: 16-07-2024
Panthella 250 Table Lamp Orange - Louis Poulsen
RRP EUR 496.00
Expected in stock: 20-06-2024
Panthella 250 Table Lamp Pale Rose - Louis Poulsen
RRP EUR 496.00
Expected in stock: 3 - 5 days
Panthella 250 Table Lamp Pale Blue - Louis Poulsen
RRP EUR 496.00
Expected in stock: 3 - 5 days
Panthella 250 Table Lamp White - Louis Poulsen
RRP EUR 496.00
Expected in stock: 17-07-2024
Panthella 400 Table Lamp White Opal - Louis Poulsen
RRP EUR 807.00
Expected in stock: 3 - 5 days
Panthella 320 Table Lamp Opal - Louis Poulsen
RRP EUR 615.00
Expected in stock: 16-07-2024
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In the 1950s and 1960s, most Danish designers and architects were working with wood and other natural materials. Verner Panton had a passion for new materials like steel, plastic, plexiglass, and glass fibre. His work with these materials—not to mention his use of organic shapes—made him a pioneer in his field.

Panthella Table Lamp – 1971

In 1971, Panton collaborated with Louis Poulsen to create the dome-shaped Panthella. With its organic shapes, the design reflects the light of the lampshade and the base, sending the soft glow out into the room in every direction. To this day, the Panthella table lamp is one of Verner Panton’s most famous lamps. With a height of 58 cm and a diameter of 40 cm, the lamp is the perfect fit for a dresser or a small table.

Panthella Floor Lamp – 1971

The floor lamp was also launched in 1971, and it boasts a height of 130 cm and a diameter of 50 cm. Just like the table lamp, the floor lamp ensures a lovely glow in the room. Place it by your couches or your armchair for a comfortable reading light.

Panthella Mini – 2016

To celebrate the 90th anniversary of Panton’s birth (1926-1998), Louis Poulsen launched the Panthella Mini table lamp. Mini Panthella is a downscaled version of Panton’s original design, and with its 25 cm diameter, it is an incredibly versatile lamp. It was made with a metal lampshade, which Panton originally wanted but couldn’t have for technical reasons. The metal lampshade is available with various colourful coatings, all based on Verner Panton’s 1998 project “Light and Colour”, which was exhibited at Trapholt Museum in Kolding. Mini is also available with the classic acrylic lampshade. The iconic design has been updated with LED technology but remains true to the original sketches.

Panthella Portable – 2020

Panthella Portable LED is latest special addition to the family—a small portable table lamp with a height of 23 cm. The classic design has been paired with the modern trend that sees wireless products beating their alternatives for everyday use. Bring the soft glow around the home with you, so you always have light wherever you need it. No more depending on power outlets.

Verner Panton’s original and imaginative style was expressed in a wealth of ways, from his numerous inventive chairs to his iconic lamps that include everything from the cheerful Flowerpot to the classic neat Panthella lamp. Although he was a man of his time, he was ahead of the curve in many ways—and his designs reflect that beyond a shadow of a doubt.
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