New Works Lamps

New Works is a Copenhagen-based design company that offers a little bit of everything.

New Works has been adding new and exciting things to the design scene since 2015 and with collections of furniture, interior décor, and lighting solutions the company offers plenty of opportunities to give your home a little something extra. New Works’ mantra is: natural, experimental, raw and solid craftsmanship.

The New Works lamps are lovely, different and imbued with something special. The Material pendant has quickly become a modern classic and fits into any interior setup, thanks to the range of materials used in the manufacturing process.

The Kizu table lamp literally turns the idea of table lamps as we know them upside down. This is an eye-catching lamp that just works wherever you place it.

Browse the lovely, stripped down New Works lamps below.
Margin Table Lamp - New Works
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Lantern Floor Lamp - New Works
RRP EUR 559.00
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More about New Works lamps

You don’t need to be an architect or a creative director to love what New Works does. The company does not dedicate its endeavours to postmodern aesthetics or urban industrialism, but rather to developing new shapes and working with new materials and solutions. New Works’ chairs, tables, couches and lamps are often praised for their elegance—the attitude is that they don’t need to be understood, just used.

‘Compromise’ is not part of the New Works vocabulary and it never has been. The concept, name, thoughts and ideas are the products of active imagination and are built using solid craftsmanship. It’s easy to find cheaper designs elsewhere, but that’s just the way the industry works. New Works is passionate about doing exactly what it wants and the company has a track record of challenging ‘normal’. And the pattern is here to stay.

Just like any other well-established company New Works has core values, but the company doesn’t believe in talking about these at any given opportunity for no particular reason. The values are only there to ensure that the company remains ambitious, fun, and creative—the product range tells the story so the designers don’t have to.

There is a thin line between inspiration and imitation and the art is in finding a way to stay on the right side of that line.

A healthy dose of freedom of speech combines with the courage to think up new shapes and rules—and not just because you can. Sometimes things need to be turned upside down in order for us to see them for what they are.

The company has solid roots in Scandinavian design and an undeniable love for light colours, but you can rest assured that there’s more on offer than bleached wood and vaguely different shades of white. New Works is an original company that does as it pleases. There’s a little bit of everything on offer.
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