Doo-Wop is a relaunch of Søværnspendlen, or the Navy Pendant, from the 1950s. Doo-Wop is an informal and simple pendant built to suit a range of purposes. It offers a harmonic design that is well-suited for mounting on its own, in a row, or in a cluster. The Doo-Wop lamp helps breathe new life into your living room, dining room, kitchen, home office, children’s rooms, halls, stairways and bedrooms—in short, it helps breathe new life into your home thanks to its impeccable lighting.

As mentioned earlier, Doo-Wop is a new version of an old classic. Doo-Wop was drawn up as a pendant for Danish Navy buildings in the late 1950s and was a common element in canteens, offices, hallways and other areas. For this reason, it was known as Søværnspendlen.

Doo-Wop maintained its position until the early 1980s, after which it was taken out of production. Since then, the lamps have become a staple in antique shops and at auctions, which eventually led to the reintroduction of the product in a modernised colour scheme.

The pendant compliments the existing multi-shade lamps in the Louis Poulsen collection and is an excellent example of the company’s lighting philosophy. The light offered by these lamps does exactly what its shape promises it will and every single detail is there to improve the quality of the lamp’s light.

In short, Doo-Wop produces a comfortable light that is primarily downward-facing, but also contributes greatly to a good atmosphere. Recommended for use pretty much everywhere!
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