Modern lighting for modern spaces with Tarja LED Ceiling Light from Lindby

24 January 2024
Modern lighting for modern spaces with Tarja LED Ceiling Light from Lindby
The 20th and 21st centuries have seen a revolution in lighting, and today we have the tools and technology to create efficient lighting that makes optimal use of energy to create great lighting conditions both indoors and outdoors. Lighting giant Lindby is one of the companies that strives to make the most of modern lighting technology to create beautiful lamp designs with great functionality. The smart interior design of the lamps is naturally encapsulated in clean, crisp and stringent designs that are also versatile in shape and color, so they can easily fit in anywhere, regardless of the existing interior design concept.

Now Lindby has done it again and created a lamp that with its robust luminaire, flexible design, versatile appearance and beautiful lighting will be a welcome addition to any room in the interior. The Tarja LED Ceiling Light exhibits a minimalist aesthetic and neutral color scheme that not only finds its place in the private home, but also in commercial and public buildings or business premises. The lamp comes in two beautiful versions, one with a square, the other with a circular lamp head. Both are composed of a satin acrylic cover and a metal frame with a matte chrome finish. Both frame and cover match in shape and thus accentuate each other.

Tarja can be mounted both on the ceiling and on the wall, giving you the freedom to fit it into the room according to your own needs and preferences. With an IP44 protection class, Tarja is also suitable for installation in wet rooms. The light source is a built-in LED on the outside of the lamp. As LED light is generally quite bright due to its efficient energy conversion, the light source is shielded by a satin white acrylic cover, whose matte surface smooths the light for a pleasant, uniform appearance.

See the beautiful lamp in both versions here!