Graphic design that captures and defines the interior

12 January 2024
Graphic design that captures and defines the interior
If you're looking for a flexible light source with a stylish design that creates a cohesive room, look no further: the new, stylish pendant light Lod from Danish lighting company ferm LIVING offers efficient lighting with high functionality and a striking appearance that leaves a lasting impression on everyone present. The ingenious design is arranged to provide maximum flexibility in lighting, and every single component has been carefully thought out with both practical and aesthetic considerations in mind.

Carefully selected components that optimize function and form

The pendant's name is well chosen: The 'plumb' is the lampshade itself, which lowers into the room and spreads a pleasant light to the area under the lamp. Both the upper and lower shades are arranged around a vertical central rod that emphasizes the consistent design concept. The top shade directs the light from the three light sources downwards, while the bottom shade prevents glare, instead spreading the light out to all sides in a soft and pleasant glow.

With its clever design that connects the shade to a counterweight via the cable, the height of the lamp can be adjusted. During installation, you also have extra freedom to place the lamp exactly where you want, as the design also includes an additional ceiling bracket that determines where the shade will hang. The shade, ceiling bracket, counterweight, rosette and cable all match in color, which adds a beautiful sense of style and coherence to the overall design. At the same time, the connection between the cable and the other components creates a graphic whole of a relatively large scale that quickly catches the eye when you enter the room.

The Lod Pendant is available in a modern black version and a beautiful cashmere-colored version. See them both here!