FLOS STORIES: Everday Bilboquet

13 November 2023
FLOS STORIES: Everday Bilboquet
Philippe Malouin characterizes Bilboquet as a lamp for millennials and Gen Z: a flexible lighting solution that adapts to the multifaceted approach to the home that defines the generations of today and tomorrow.

"Bilboquet is an adjustable table lamp that looks simple but is full of personality, directing light playfully and precisely in all directions. Inspired by magnetic ball joints, Bilboquet offers mobility for a wide range of different functions. Whether used as a task light on a desk, to provide a soft glow against a wall or to illuminate a good book, it shines where it is needed," says Philippe Malouin.

Harmony in shapes, materials and colors

Malouin's design philosophy revolves around establishing an emotional connection, emphasizing formal clarity and cultivating a distinct visual identity. He is a designer who consistently strives for simplicity in production, assembly and aesthetics, while prioritizing durability as a fundamental element of design.

Sage, Tomato, and Linen

The playful aspect of Bilboquet has greatly influenced the choice of the three-color palette in which the lamp is made. Sage, tomato, and linen define not only the body of the lamp, but also the cable and plug, resulting in a cohesive monochromatic aesthetic.

Bilboquet is carefully engineered to be adaptable to a wide range of requirements. In addition to the adjustable cylinder, the cable can either remain visible or be hidden in a dedicated housing under the base. The two-meter cable makes it easy to move the light around the home. Furthermore, the bulb can be replaced and upgraded over time, ensuring an extended lifespan for the lamp. Bilboquet is designed for longevity and its main components can be completely disassembled, making it easy to repair, replace or dispose of the individual parts in an environmentally responsible way. Both the head and body are made from a sustainable polycarbonate, a by-product of paper production, instead of petroleum-based materials.

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