Flos offers beautiful new original design from 2023: Bilboquet Table Lamp in three beautiful colors

2 May 2024
Flos offers beautiful new original design from 2023: Bilboquet Table Lamp in three beautiful colors
The Italian design company has done it again! In a fruitful collaboration with French-Canadian designer Philippe Malouin, Flos has created a beautiful designer lamp with an accomplished concept, a well-thought-out look, a use-oriented interior and a sustainable composition that ticks all the boxes for the ideal modern light source. The Bilboquet catches the eye with its shape-oriented appearance: the cylindrical base and lamp head, the magnetic ball joint and the long cord in a matching color. It all comes together perfectly in a beautiful construction that is also a nod to the French ball game bilboquet, which the lamp is inspired by and takes its name from. The ball joint can be rotated in all directions, allowing you to adjust the lamp head and thus direct the light with the utmost precision. This is especially advantageous as the lamp provides focused, direct lighting. The lamp is fitted with a GU10 socket that sits relatively close to the light outlet at the end of the cylindrical lamp head, allowing the light to shine efficiently and purposefully, making Bilboquet perfect as a work or reading lamp. Alternatively, you can leave the lamp head pointing towards the wall for pleasant, indirect accent lighting.

The table lamp has a beautiful, solid-colored surface that emphasizes its design-oriented appearance. It comes in three different color variants, each with a carefully selected shade that makes it easy to integrate into your interior design.

At the same time, the lamp's design boasts recycled materials: the head and base are made from recycled polycarbonate, a by-product of paper production. The lamp is assembled entirely without the use of glue, so all of its individual parts can be disassembled at the end of the lamp's lifespan and reused in the future.

You can find all the beautiful variants of Bilboquet by Flos right here!