Light and coziness from the dark north - Pilke Signature 64 Floor Lamp

11 April 2024
Light and coziness from the dark north - Pilke Signature 64 Floor Lamp
It is a great pleasure to present the Pilke Signature 64 Floor Lamp as another magnificent addition to the Finnish lamp manufacturer Pilke's greatest stroke of genius to date, the Pilke Signature lighting collection.

Especially the floor lamp, which is available in three beautiful colors, is a special part of the iconic Pilke Signature series. The name '64' is a reference to the dimensions of the lamp, which are 64 centimeters in length, width and height, indicating a well-thought-out design. Like all the shades in this series, it is assembled without glue or screws, and the idea has been carried over to the Pilke Signature 64 Floor Lamp, which is assembled without a base or pole. This way, the design retains its perfection, so nothing can be added or removed. The shade can also be adjusted in several ways, with the option to raise it up into a symmetrical profile or tilt it at an angle to become asymmetrical, depending on which look appeals to you most.

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When Finnish designer Tuuka Halonen created the Pilke Signature series, it was a tribute to the strong traditions of woodworking in his home country. The distinctive Finnish touch is evident in every detail of the beautiful design, from the elegant plywood used as the material for the lamp to the intricate geometric wickerwork pattern that evokes the attention to detail and refinement that permeates the Sami culture. As Finland is also known for its dark winters, it's no surprise that the Finns have become masters at creating efficient and cozy lighting that spreads hope and joy during the dark months when the sun barely shows itself. Naturally, all Pilke Signatur lights are handmade in Finland.