Exceptional lighting with the Ghost design chandelier from 101 Copenhagen

29 November 2023
Exceptional lighting with the Ghost design chandelier from 101 Copenhagen
Many beautiful lamps and interior elements have found a place in the new collection of Danish design brand 101 Copenhagen, and one of them features the mesmerizing and modern Ghost chandelier. The lamp is perfect for anyone who prefers modern minimalism and has a weakness for abstract art. With its innovative lighting technology, sparse appearance and expressive simplicity, the Ghost chandelier benefits all modern spaces and interiors.

Like the rest of the collection, the Ghost chandelier was designed by Danish design duo Christian Sofus Hansen and Tommy Hildal, who are also the lead designers of 101 Copenhagen. Tommy Hildahl has many years of experience in the fashion industry before making his career in interior design. His work focuses on his own interest in materials and the process by which they become works of art, which is reflected in all of Hildal's well thought out creations. Christian Sofus Hansen studied architecture and design at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and is an expert in combining traditional design with modern technology and production methods. Since 2015, the two design geniuses have worked side by side, creating a host of impressive interior projects. You can find more creations by Christian Sofus Hansen and Tommy Hildahl right here.

The graphic design characteristic of the Ghost chandelier is based on minimalist art, combining lighting and sculpture in an eye-catching design with an avant-garde look. Instead of conventional shades and light sources, Ghost has an impressive light fixture in an abstract, twisted pattern that makes up the entire lamp head. It consists of a white acrylic tube with a built-in LED light source behind it that illuminates the entire structure when the lamp is switched on. The innovative chandelier is available in two different sizes, each with its own mesmerising light pattern.

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