The iconic Coolicon pendant lights are re-released in beautiful new models

20 November 2023
The iconic Coolicon pendant lights are re-released in beautiful new models
The striking design and raw industrial look that characterises the pendants from long-established British lamp manufacturer Coolicon dates back to 1933 when the company patented their new lamp, which was designed to provide efficient lighting without the risk of overheating. The light bulbs of the time generated large amounts of heat and therefore posed a safety hazard, which Coolicon's lamps were able to overcome through their cleverly designed display frame on the top of the shade that allowed the heat to escape. Since then, the inefficient filament bulbs have long since been replaced by more energy-efficient alternatives, but the iconic Coolicon design lives on.

Today, the pendants are made from solid steel, while the burnt enamel is also applied by hand. At the same time, the elements that give the design its distinctive character also ensure practical lighting. The wide light output of the shade provides great downward lighting, ideal over a dining table or workspace in the home. However, as the top of the bulb is visible, a beautiful secondary light is spread in a 360-degree angle, providing both a complementary backlight and creating a more harmonious and balanced light pattern. Since the light source is visible, you can choose a decorative bulb that matches your personal style or a retrofit bulb that emphasises the iconic Coolicon design.

The re-release of the classic industrial lamp retains all the essential elements that characterise the sleek design that makes the lamps so recognisable. However, the socket comes in a new, sleek brass design that enriches the beautiful design with a sophisticated touch.  

The pendant comes in a wide range of colours and is of course also available with their signature design: a map of the London Underground. See all Coolicon pendants here