New architect lamps with classic designs from Anglepoise and Paul Smith - Find them here

24 October 2022
New architect lamps with classic designs from Anglepoise and Paul Smith - Find them here
If you’re looking for a classic architect lamp design for your entire home, we have great news! In 2022, the British designer brand Anglepoise has added gorgeous new editions to the already varied and impressive Type 75™ collection.

The British designer Paul Smith is the creator of the Type 75™ design, which is a modern take on the iconic Original 1227 table lamp created by the engineer George Carwardine in 1932, marking the beginning of Anglepoise. Paul Smith is one of England’s leading designers, and he is often celebrated for his creative aesthetic that combines tradition and modernity, and his ‘classics with a twist’ philosophy from the 70s in particular has become one of Anglepoise’s key principles. This is clearly expressed in the Type 75™ lamps!

Type 75™ is a classic architect lamp design that comes as a floor lamp, table lamp, mini table lamp, and wall lamp in various colourful hues. The new Type 75™ lamps, including mini table lamps, floor lamps, and table lamps, are characterised by the same classic design as the rest of the collection. The new lamps stand out from the older models as they don’t have a colourful but rather a monochrome expression. The Edition 5 models come in a beautiful black hue, and the Edition 6 versions feature a stunning white. Both are adorned with the expected Paul Smith ‘twist’ in the form of a unique and iconic Artist Stripe in all the colours of the rainbow, which runs down the length of the arm. These new models are the first in the Anglepoise collection to feature this twist.

You can place the new Type 75™ lamps in various spots around the home, including on the desk, in the office, on the bookshelf, by the couch, or on the windowsill. No matter which model and placement you choose for this iconic design, you are guaranteed a timeless, iconic, and classic lamp that is as decorative as it is practical.

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