Simple and classic design from GUBI and Space Copenhagen - Find the Gravity wall lamp here

17 October 2022
Simple and classic design from GUBI and Space Copenhagen - Find the Gravity wall lamp here
You know that feeling when you’re missing an aesthetic addition to your décor and a good, comfortable light by your couches, in the reading nook, or next to the bed? Then you’ve come to the right place! GUBI has just added an exquisite new wall lamp to its portfolio in collaboration with a talented and renowned Danish design duo. In collaboration with  Space Copenhagen, the brand has extended the existing Gravity collection, which consists of unique table lamps and floor lamps, so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect lamp for your specific décor.

Since GUBI was founded in 1967, the world-famous design studio has designed, developed, and marketed a range of exquisite and high-quality design icons from the past and launched a serious of contemporary classics in collaboration with famous designers and modern talents. Arising out of this kind of collaboration, the Gravity collection has grown even further to include the Gravity wall lamp.

For Space Copenhagen, the aim of Gravity was to create a lamp that focuses on details, functionality, personality, not to mention elegant simplicity in the form of solid artisanry that fits into all styles of décor, transcending borders and generations. This new wall lamp has been successful in this endeavour, as it features a classic and simple design with unique details that fit seamlessly into your décor, complementing the existing elements to perfection.

The Gravity wall lamp is characterised by its slim arm in lovely antique brass and its beige fabric lampshade, which forms a beautiful contrast and ensures a classic aesthetic. The light fabric lampshade also ensures a soft, comfortable, atmospheric glow that can be dimmed with a dimmable bulb and the lovely brass dimmer on the base, so you can create the perfect atmosphere no matter the room. This design isn’t just a decorative and practical light source but also a great way to frame the heart of your home.

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