Tala x Farrow & Ball adds beautiful new colour to popular lamp collection!

15 August 2022
Tala x Farrow & Ball adds beautiful new colour to popular lamp collection!
It’s getting harder to be competitive in the lighting industry if your collection doesn’t include a portable table lamp, and us lamp enthusiasts are happy about that. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the young British brand Tala has decided to jump on the portable bandwagon and create a unique and aesthetic design.

Tala was established by three close friends while they were studying at the University of Edinburgh in 2015, and the brand is rooted in their shared passion for design, technology, and sustainability. With a clear vision to create exquisite products with an innovative base in LED lighting, the business became a reality.

The Muse Portable

As part of an exclusive collaboration with the colour experts at Farrow & Ball, Tala has created a collection of timeless, portable table lamps in various beautiful hues for any home. The new Pomona Red is one of the colours that immediately catches the eye and creates a unique, warm, and cosy touch. The colour refers to the famous Bloomsbury group to which the full brick red colour pays tribute.

The Muse Portable is a stunning combination of a classic lantern aesthetic and ultramodern technology, and the lamp can be placed anywhere inside and outside the home, including the terrace, nightstand, and windowsill. The lamp has a wireless lifelong battery that shines for up to 24 hours, guaranteeing durability that makes your lamp more eco-friendly. The lamp also has a smart dim-to-warm feature and an integrated dimmer that allows you to adjust the colour and brightness to suit the environment or atmosphere. The Muse also has an IP44 rating, so you can bring it outside, so you don’t need to tie your lamp down to a single spot.

Find all the beautiful Muse Portable table lamps from Tala x Farrow & Ball here, including the new Pomona colour