Time for a new evergreen addition to your home - Find the new Tom Rossau lamps here

7 July 2022
Time for a new evergreen addition to your home - Find the new Tom Rossau lamps here
It’s time to bring summer and nature into your home with a stunning new lamp from the Danish designer brand Tom Rossau. This time, the collection has grown to include a new colour – Birch Green, which is universally associated with nature and represents a feeling of growth and renewal guaranteed to bring a dynamic and cosy atmosphere into your home.

Since 2005, the Danish designer Tom Rossau has created a series of sculptural and iconic lamps that arise out of the synergy between geometry, materials, and natural as well as artificial light. The result is a series of unique light sources that hold their own in broad daylight and, once night has fallen, the materials and shapes are illuminated from within for a magical glow.

The same is true for the new TR5 lamps, which all come in the wonderful Birch Green hue. Aside from being a trendy colour, it also lends a special sense of depth and harmony to any room. The shade also fits into any style of décor, where the colour and shape are guaranteed to command attention.

TR5 is a practical and sculptural light source which, aside from being one of his first lamps, is also one of his most iconic. Part of the reason for this is that TR5 is an expression of exquisite artisanry and authenticity coming together to create a lamp truly unlike any other. The collection is constantly evolving and currently consists of pendants, floor, table, and wall lamps made with different materials and colours over the years, giving you ample opportunity to find the perfect match for your needs and style of décor.

No matter the placement in your home, the open structure ensures an enchanting distribution of light while the light source is concealed behind the slats, so you and your guests can enjoy a comfortable, glare-free glow.

Find the complete TR5 collection from Tom Rossau here