Smart Home – Smart lighting at reasonable prices

18 April 2022
Smart Home – Smart lighting at reasonable prices
Here at Lampemesteren, we’ve been focusing on our Value for Money collection because we think everyone should be able to have beautiful designer lamps that don’t cost and an arm and a leg.

Our collection includes lamps from three exciting brands: Lindby, Arcchio, and Lucande, and it’s currently home to more than 1,600 lamps, so we’re confident that there’s something for every taste—including those who are ahead of the curve and ready to embrace new inventions, technologies, and inventions.

These days, a lamp isn’t just a lamp, and light isn’t just light. We’re in an era where we say ‘Hey’ to Siri and ‘Okay’ to Google, and more of our products are ending up exactly where we spend most of our time: on our screens, online, and in apps. Everything is better when it’s within reach, and your light is no exception.

Many of us have heard of Philips Hue, and many of us know other kinds of intelligent lighting that can help make your home smarter. Lidl, Aldi, Ikea, and Nordlux all manufacture light control systems for your home, and here at Lampemesteren, we think it’s fitting to have a cheaper alternative to Philips Hue.

Enter our three Value for Money brands. Lindby, Arcchio, and Lucande are all ready to help you out with smart light instillations concealed within normal designer lamps.

The system uses your home’s WiFi, but you can also use the Zigbee protocol. Both methods are equally effective, and they provide the same opportunities. Lindby, Arcchio, and Lucande recommend that you download the Tuya app, and with a few taps on your smart unit’s touch screen, your new smart lamp is connected to the brain of your home.

With the app, you can install the lamp’s light as you see fit, and you can automate and connect multiple lamps. The only limit is your imagination, and once it’s all set up, you can program to your heart’s content. Do you want the light to turn on as the sun rises, change colour when you receive an email, or flash in time with your music?

With the Tuya app, you can combine systems, and Philips Hue and other smart lights can communicate with the app—not to mention with other smart objects. Check out your local electronics retailer or browse the internet, and keep an eye on the Tuya integration. Soon, you’ll be able to control motion sensors, smart thermostats, humidity sensors, washing machines, and letterboxes with your smart lights.

The smart lamps are also available in various shapes and types. Some only enable temperature adjustment, so you can control the temperature of the light, while others allow colour adjustment. Some lamps are anonymous ceiling lamps while others are impressive pendant artworks, and that’s not to mention modern little table lamps and classic floor lamps like the Everly floor lamp with a white lampshade and nickel body!

The lovely, neutral floor lamp fits into most styles of décor, and the expression isn’t too daring, which means that the lamp contributes a timeless look—and a secret! With a single tap of your smartphone, you can dim the light, change the colour, and get the party started.