Unique and trendsetting designs. Give PLEASE WAIT to be SEATED a warm welcome!

12 May 2022
Unique and trendsetting designs. Give PLEASE WAIT to be SEATED a warm welcome!
Settle in, and get ready for a design experience unlike any other—PLEASE WAIT to be SEATED is finally on Lampemesteren! The brand, founded in 2014, is run by Thomas Ibsen and Peter Mahler Sørensen with the aim to create unique designs set to become classics.

Designs of this scale don’t just come out of nowhere, but PLEASE WAIT to be SEATED has managed to introduce new expressions and styles to the Danish and international design industry, many of which are guaranteed to go down in history as innovative products with great potential to become classics.

The Danish brand created the unique and simple Blooper lamps, which look like they’ve been sent from the future, and the stunning Podgy pendant, which contributes a sense of excitement and atmosphere as it hangs above a desk, dining table, or kitchen table. The Proxima pendant is another example of PLEASE WAIT to be SEATED’s innovative style and beautiful living proof that PLEASE WAIT to be SEATED aims to be new and unique, not to mention create lamps that really bring your décor together.

But out of all the products PWtbS has created, one lamp in particular hits the bullseye, and that’s the one we would like to highlight.

The Planet Wall Lamp

Four planets circling a light source. A solar system for the wall. In the unique, exciting, ground-breaking, unbelievably stunning corner, we can find the Planet from PWtbS. The lamp—or rather, the collection—comes in various colours that embrace and define the company’s style.

The lamp itself consists of a frame, in the middle of which the light source is mounted. Discs of various materials are placed around the frame, breaking up the light and giving the lamp its shape and silhouette. The discs are solid brass, powder-coated steel, and polished aluminium—not to mention the black disk that covers the bulb. The different metals represent planets circling the sun, naturally represented by the light.

You can move the discs around to design your own solar system on the walls of your home. The designer, Mette Schelde, has previously designed products for Bang & Olufsen, and she’s also the designer behind the little Blooper lamp for PLEASE WAIT to be SEATED.


It’s only natural to wonder where the quirky, unique name comes from. As the two founders put it, they want the name to sum up who they are—friendliness and politeness married with quirkiness, humour, and an undeniably down-to-earth attitude.

Thomas Ibsen and Peter Mahler Sørensen hope that the next time you queue for a table at a restaurant and see a ‘Please wait to be seated’ sign, it’ll make you think of them.

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