High-quality Italian design – Leucos arrives at Lampemesteren

31 March 2022
High-quality Italian design – Leucos arrives at Lampemesteren
It’s a good day for Lampemesteren because we have the honour of extending a warm welcome to the Italian lighting brand Leucos. Leucos was founded back in 1962 by Eugenio Pamio in the romantic city of Venice, where artisanry has always been synonymous with art. In the beginning, Leucos stood out with the use of traditional Venetian glass techniques in its designs, but Leucos lamps are always supported by a global idea and modern techniques. These days, the brand is rooted in a perfect combination of exquisite design and solid artisanry, resulting in high-quality Italian design that truly reflects the brand’s commitment to the ’Made in Italy’ label.

Leucos is a global success for many reasons, including that Leucos is one of the leading brands when it comes to decorative glass lighting, and it continues to explore alternative, creative, and modern production methods. The brand also uses high-quality materials, extraordinary techniques, and exceptional human resources, and together, all of these factors are the reason the brand’s designs can be found all over the world. The constant commitment to outstanding design and impeccable artisanry has resulted in a range of unique collections, including Leucos Glo and the JJ lamps.

JJ lamp

We carry a wide range of aesthetic and timeless JJ lamps at Lampemesteren. The collection features classic architect lamps in modern, reimagined versions, making them easy to integrate into more traditional and modern homes. The JJ collection consists of pendants, table lamps, floor lamps, and wall lamps in various colours and sizes, creating a wealth of décor and lighting options and allowing you to choose the lamp best suited for your home. You can combine lamps of various colours and sizes to create a complete, personal expression guaranteed to command attention.

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