Adorn your home with an iconic Diablo design in modern new colours!

16 May 2022
Adorn your home with an iconic Diablo design in modern new colours!
The Swedish devil is back in business! Belid has added two gorgeous new colours to the popular Diablo collection: Sand/Metallic Bronze and Black. The new colour combinations are available as pendants, table lamps, and floor lamps in a range of sizes, so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect lamp to suit your needs and style of décor. The combination of the collection’s stylish shapes, materials, and new, exclusive colours makes these lamps a must-have for design lovers. The lamps are guaranteed to command attention wherever you place them.

When production started in 1969, Belid was focusing on metal processing. The collection was updated and expanded as new technologies and materials appeared, which is part of why the brand remains relevant and popular five decades on. One of the designs that have gone on to become an important part of Belid’s design DNA is Diablo, which first saw the light of day in 2010 and achieved immediate success. The collection was designed by Joakim Fihn, who has been carrying on the Belid tradition through high quality, exquisite artisanry, and high functionality since 2008. His efforts have resulted in a timeless and stylish collection that fits into all styles of décor from modern to traditional, achieving an atmospheric light that contributes to the comfortable and cosy atmosphere.

The new and exclusive colour combinations highlight the lamps’ elegant and timeless expression, making the lamps a decorative part of your décor. The common denominator across the Diablo range is the distinct layer-on-layer lampshade that ensures a beautiful, comfortable, glare-free glow. This also goes for the new colours, which manifest the same classic aesthetic and soft distribution of light. Combine the new colours, sizes, and models with the old, and create a personal, unique, and decorative expression that’s guaranteed to inspire admiration from your guests and joy for you and your family.

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