Grey is the new black - Read about Asteria Ultimate Grey here!

28 April 2022
Grey is the new black - Read about Asteria Ultimate Grey here!
The legendary Asteria lamp from Umage is back—but this time, it’s available in an exclusive new colour. In collaboration with us at Lampemesteren, Umage has launched a completely new shade, only available here. The classic Asteria pendant is now available in a lovely, exquisite grey, which the brand has decided to call ‘Ultimate Grey’.

Aside from the incredible, fashionable colour that fits the modern style and décor, the lovely Asteria Pendant Ultimate Grey also offers muted details. Whereas the original lamp from Umage used brass, the new version only uses black, which makes the lamp even more versatile across a range of interior designs, and the grey hue gets the space to come into its own.

At the base of the slender shape that we know and love, the Asteria collection features a diffuser that hides the built-in LED light source and softens the glow. The design of the original lamp is practically untouched, making the new colourway just as elegant as its predecessor. With its slim shape, the lamp hangs weightlessly over dining tables, hallways, kitchen islands, and workspaces.

The light of the lamp is just as versatile as the lamp itself. The built-in LED light source has a neutral 3000K light, which can be described as warm white—and the warm white light imbues the lamp with 1300 lumen. The brightness is good, making the Asteria pendant great for puzzles on the coffee table, drawing and reading in the office, and eating in the living room. If you’re looking for a cosy night with a romantic light, the built-in LED light source is, of course, dimmable.

The Asteria collection has become a modern classic in the Danish brand Umage’s arsenal—and for good reason! The lamp is incredibly beautiful, features a great light, and has a high build quality. It’s the result of excellent artisanry, and this is reflected in Umage’s 10-year guarantee. The lamp comes with a 2.7-metre cable, so you can hang it even in rooms with high ceilings. Asteria is made of steel and has an impressively high energy rating, which would once have been A++.