Iconic Verner Panton design in a new model - Find the exclusive VP Globe here!

2 May 2022
Iconic Verner Panton design in a new model - Find the exclusive VP Globe here!
Good news for all Verner Panton fans! In 2022, the designer brand Verpan launches one of the designer’s most iconic designs in a new, exclusive version—VP Globe Brushed Alu. Verpan was established in 2003, as the first wave of Verner Panton lamps were being manufactured, and the brand has carried on his design legacy ever since as the exclusive owner of Verner Panton’s designs. The Danish brand boasts a carefully selected range of iconic furniture and light sources from Panton that create ‘extraordinary user experiences and new ways to live, work, and interact’.

Verner Panton

These days, the iconic designer is considered one of the biggest Danish designers of all time, thanks to his originality, diligent commitment, and innovation. Panton wasn’t afraid of colours. In fact, he was of the conviction that colour has an influence on our lives, moods, and productivity, not to mention that they contribute to setting the mood. The innovative designer has long since written his way into Danish history with his iconic designs, which have stood the test of time and are considered design classics across the globe.

VP Globe Brushed Alu

The original VP Globe was designed back in 1969, and these days, it is undoubtedly the most famous Verner Panton design. Since its original launch, it has been relaunched in a range of unique materials, constellations, sizes, and colours, which have breathed new life into the design. This year, we’re lucky enough to have a new addition to the VP Globe collection in the form of the new VP Globe Brushed Alu, which challenges previous notions of the iconic design through a combination of brushed metal and the burnt orange hue. The brushed metal adds a timeless and modern look, which commands attention and gives your décor a bit of edge and personality.

Like the original design, the new VP Globe features a transparent acrylic exterior with five reflective lampshades composed of delicate steel chains. The new version contains reflectors made of aluminium with a cool, matte brushed finish, creating a stunning contrast with the classic orange shade that radiates warmth, positivity, and optimism. This colour combination creates a stunning, dynamic contrast between the warm and cold elements, catching the eye and beautifully encapsulating the essence of Verner Panton’s design DNA.

VP Globe comes in a range of constellations and sizes that explore various materials and expressions – Find them all here, including the new Brushed Alu version!