Ballroom – Modern design in a new classic colour combination!

28 March 2022
Ballroom – Modern design in a new classic colour combination!
The designer and co-founder of Design By Us, Rasmus Larsson, develops designs “in the service of good taste”, and with Design By Us being recognised by the Times Magazine as one of the 10 most successful designer brands in the world, we have to conclude that he has nailed it.

Design By Us was founded back in 1999 as a playground for imaginative and unconventional approaches to lighting and interior design, where humour and curiosity were—and continue to be—a big part of the agenda. In Rasmus Larsson’s view, a customer doesn’t just buy his lamps because they need a light source but because they’re intrigued by the design. Lamps from Design By Us double as practical light sources and decorative additions to your décor.

Ballroom Design By Us

Design By Us is famously not scared of using colours, which is clearly reflected in the brand’s popular and beloved Ballroom collection that challenges and plays with our prevailing definition of design. Ballroom comprises a range of original and aesthetic designs created using blown hand-painted glass in a variety of beautiful colours.

The collection has a distinctly unique shape and minimalist look that doesn’t take up much space physically but still commands attention. The Ballroom lamps feature simple, round shapes and exquisite colours with a beautiful and comfortable light, making them truly stunning light sources that catch your eye.

Gorgeous new addition to the Ballroom collection

Design By Us has added a decorative new colour to the Ballroom collection called White Snow, and as the name implies, it’s a modern and beautiful white shade. Like the other Ballroom lamps, this model is made of hand-painted blown glass with lovely golden detailing on the cut-off edge.

White Snow emits a lovely, comfortable light through the white opal glass, which is carried by an elegant golden frame that gives the lamp an exclusive, modern, and timeless expression that is easily integrated into traditional and modern décor. The gorgeous design comes as a pendant, table lamp, ceiling lamp, floor lamp, and wall lamp in two sizes, so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect fit for your lighting needs. You can also combine the lovely lamps for a more unique and complete expression in your décor.

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