Daily life frozen in resin – Find Seletti’s Daily Glow here!

26 January 2022
Daily life frozen in resin – Find Seletti’s Daily Glow here!
When Seletti introduces a new product, it’s often characterised by a sense of humour. The Italian brand always seems to have a different worldview than the rest of us, and the result is a series of wonderfully quirky lamps—lamps that incorporate pop art, attitude, humour, and originality, and which often ignore and break with design tradition and anything else we might consider typical… and the new Daily Glow collection is no exception!

The collection celebrates everyday objects, freezing them in time and turning them into functionless epoxy resin sculptures before the designer adds a light source, thereby redefining what the object can do. Among other things, the collection contains a toothpaste tube, a soap dispenser, a tin of tomatoes, a milk carton, and—as highlighted here—a sardine tin.

The designer behind Daily Glow is Alessandro Zambelli, who has won the European Consumers Choice Award and the New York International Gift Fair Award. He has designed a wealth of quirky and innovative products for Seletti and various other brands, and he explains that his aim with Daily Glow was to spotlight the cosiness of our daily lives using everyday objects.

Daily Glow Sardinia is a lamp contained in a freshly opened tin of sardines, and you can carry it around with you. The to-go lamp charges using the universal USB charger, and the brightness can be adjusted as you see fit. At the highest setting, Sardinia can light up the dark for up to 20 hours, and if you can live with a slightly dimmer light, the sardine tin lasts for up to 120 hours.

Pop it in your bag for nights where the sun sets on the horizon before you’re ready to go home – or give it a permanent place in your décor for a humorous and atmospheric touch. The wireless design makes it easy to place the lamp wherever you want because it isn’t limited by socket placements.

Like the sardines, the Daily Glow collection at large was created with a gleam in the designer’s eye, and it can solve a variety of interior design tasks. If you’re not looking for a to-go lamp specifically, we definitely recommend Daily Glow Milk, where the light pours out of the spout, or Daily Glow Toothpaste, which is based on a similar concept.

You can find the entire Seletti Daily Glow collection here!