Three exciting new wall lamps – find the Pan, Pilke Signature, and Spiegel wall lamps here!

14 January 2022
Three exciting new wall lamps – find the Pan, Pilke Signature, and Spiegel wall lamps here!
Three exciting new wall lamps – find the Pan, Pilke Signature, and Spiegel wall lamps here!

Wall lamps can be anonymous little sources of lights—lamps that light up the room without calling attention to themselves and disturbing the existing décor. If you’re looking for a wall lamp like that, then keep reading! Here are three new wall lamps that contribute atmosphere and excitement to any décor!

Signature 18 Wall Lamp from Finnish Pilke

When asked to imagine archetypal Finland, most of us probably call to mind the country’s impressive forests. Forests where pine, fir, and birch come together in brown, green, and white hues—and forests where humans have lived with respect and understanding for nature for millennia. More than 75% of Finland’s surface area is covered in forests, so it makes perfect sense that the Finnish are some of the world’s leading woodworkers. This artisanry rubs off on all Finnish design.

Pilke—previously known as Showroom Finland—has created a series of lamps that celebrate Finnish design history, and as the name implies, Signature is Pilke’s signature lamp. Signatur is available as a pendant and a table lamp, but we’re focusing on the small Pilke Signature 18. With its 18 cm diameter, the lamp is a small piece of the Finnish forests and woodworking tradition we mentioned earlier, and it’s perfect for adding a touch of nature to your living room, kitchen, bedroom, or office.

Find the adorable little Pilke Signature 18 here!

Pan Wall Lamp from French DCW

You would have had to live under quite the rock to avoid hearing The Beatles’ hit song, Back in the U.S.S.R, which came out in 1968 on the renowned ”White Album”. The song opens with the sound of a jet taking off—and if you were the lucky owner of the stereo version and a record player, you would have heard the jet taking off in one speaker and flying away in the other.

As stereo sound has developed and recording facilities have become more advanced, many sound engineers have started experimenting with panning: turning a dial to send the sound back and forth between the right and left ears. This process is how the stunning Pan wall lamp got its name.

The person behind the design is the innovative and talented German designer Simon Schmitz who is known for incorporating mechanical movement into his designs. There’s a dial on the front of the lamp, and the lucky owner of a Pan wall lamp from DCW can use the dial to pan the light from right to left – and like the George Martin of light, you’ll be able to send the light in whichever direction you need!

Find the lamp and a video overview of its features here!

Spiegel Wall Lamp from Verpan

If you visit any newsstand in Germany, you’re guaranteed to find a copy of Der Spiegel. Der Spiegel is Germany’s biggest and most influential newspaper, and since the end of the war, the newspaper, which has a weekly readership of 14 million, has kept its German-speaking updated on domestic and foreign affairs.

In 1969, the company’s headquarters in Hamburg were updated with an interior to match the trends of the time—and who better than the legendary Danish designer Verner Panton to rise to the task? Verner Panton was given free reins, and the collaboration with Der Spiegel gave rise to some of Panton’s most iconic designs—including the Spiegel lamp in question.

The lamp was used all over the building, and the Danish designer’s genius light fixture covered entire walls. In other words, the iconic and truly unique wall lamp can be mounted anywhere around the home whether you use it on its own or in a cluster of Spiegels. Verner Panton’s work with Spiegel Publishing is still considered some of the designer’s best, and the Spiegel lamp is an incredible way to invite some iconic Danish design into your décor.

Find Spiegel in brushed aluminium here!

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