Discover the iconic Eclisse from Artemide right here!

26 January 2022
Discover the iconic Eclisse from Artemide right here!
According to Vico Magistretti, the godfather of Italian design, simplicity and concept are the foundation of design and architecture. His opinion was that good design should stay relevant for at least 50 years, whereas everything else can be described as temporary. In an effort to achieve this lasting relevance, Magistretti spent many years collaborating with Ernesto Gismondi, the founder of Artemides, and the result was a series of iconic designs, including Eclisse. Magistretti truly managed to create a unique and functional design that has stood the test of time and remained a beloved classic throughout the decades.

This latest version of Eclisse is as contemporary and relevant as ever, and the iconic design inspired by miners’ lanterns has recently been given a makeover. The design features stunning, simple, and compact round shapes that are now available with four beautiful new coatings created using an innovative and sustainable metal coating process. This new coating process has given the new Eclisse models a distinct expression, and the process is the perfect example of how Artemide’s choice of materials, refinery, and processes is built around sustainable solutions, making the lamp even more contemporary and lovable.

The lamp is made of steel and techno polymers, making it particularly robust and reliable, not to mention ensuring an extended lifetime and—by extension—improved sustainability. Eclisse comprises an outer shell and rotating arched inner shell, designed to create an eclipse of the light source. This feature allows you to control the brightness and direction of the light, so you can toggle between a direct and a diffuse glow. Thanks to the integrated dimmer, you can always create the perfect atmosphere. Furthermore, the lamp uses LED light, which produces less heat and makes the lamp more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, not to mention good for your wallet.

Eclisse’s iconic design strikes the perfect balance between uniqueness and practical usefulness, which means that you can place it wherever you want at home or at the office. You can place it on a surface or mount it on a wall—the choice is truly yours. This lamp is perfect for anyone who wants to make a sustainable choice while adding an iconic, timeless, and beautiful design to their décor.

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