Stunning Finnish paeony pendant with personality - Find the new Pilke Pioni her

14 December 2021
Stunning Finnish paeony pendant with personality - Find the new Pilke Pioni her
”My design goal is achieved, when a shape has some soul and beaty.”

That’s how the Finnish designer and engineer Janne Uusi-Autti, who has created products like amplifier packaging and biodegradable combs, describes his aim and the approach he now extends to lamp design alongside Pilke in southern Finland.

Janne has reached for his sharp, precise engineering tools to create the Pioni pendant. The name is Finnish for ‘paeony’—the flower family that includes the common paeony and other perennials—and it hangs lightly from the ceiling like a big flower, bathing the room in a comfortable glow.

The lamp also lives up to Pilke’s values, and by using sustainable birch felled only 200 km from Pilke’s production lines, Pioni expertly combines traditional Finnish craftsmanship and modern computer design. The incredibly thin birch is bent and twisted to look like flower petals, and the finished product is assembled without metal screws and glue.

The thin sides allow the light to escape and light up veins and knots, giving the lampshade a natural texture. The result is a light pendant that floats elegantly in your décor as it contributes the cosy atmosphere that is at the heart of everything Pilke does. In the southern Finnish factory’s own words: “Only the experts of darkness can be true experts of light.”

The lamp is available in white and black, and it comes in two sizes with diameters of 52 and 38 cm. The light construction means that the lamp only weighs around half a kilo, imbuing it with both the strength of the Finnish birch and the delicate edge of the common paeony in your garden.

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